100 k

If you told me at the beginning of the year that I would run 100 km, who would you be kidding?

But we (me and my friend Wasif) kickstarted 2021 with a desire to achieve. Wasif was on-call on New Years eve and had a rough night. He called me early morning to say he is pulling out. 

I couldn’t force him. I know how bad night calls can become. A bad sleep is not one wants before venturing on a half marathon – 21 km in the first day of 2021. It was his idea. He hooked me onto weekend running since the last couple of months of 2020. I was mentally and physically preparing overnight. 

Was I fit and competent enough to do a 21.5 k run? Do I have enough practice behind me? The answer was No. At best I ran 13 km in a stretch. 

In the second week of December, I strained my back doing HIIT at home. I have an L4-5 disc from yester to contend with and once in a while it wakes up. 

Start of the Year was all about going out there, putting yourself to test, fighting it and returning winning no matter what. I used Nike Run Club 2 hour run guided coach to get me through. I started very slow, and kept a very low tempo in fear of running out of gas. But I actually managed to stay mobile non stop for 120 minutes with only the last ten minutes me pulling over for a couple of sips of water. 

I ran 2 hours, but managed only 16.5 km. My feet were numb. Weather gods complied. The sun refused to come out wanting us to keep running. 

My friend Wasif completed the half marathon under 2 hours, a tremendous effort under the circumstances. This sort of grit and determination is reflective of our years of training in medicine. We have had to push so much mentally over the years and putting a fight to reach the finishing line is all that we needed to get us going for this year. 

I continued to be careful with my runs, staying injury free, trying to put in at least 4-5 runs per week. With a handful of fellow runners to admire in Kuwait, I chugged daily using Nike Run Club and Strava apps for motivation. 

With one last weekend to go before the end of the month, I hope to complete the 21.5 km mark that I initially planned to do.

Anything is possible, if you put your heart to it. 

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