Exposing one’s weaknesses

Yesterday night’s game was a perfect example of why Manchester United is at best top 4 material only. A poor team selection, that stayed lethargic and looked toothless for first half an hour of the game. Despite clear indications of same lacklustre performance ensuing early in second half apart from a better desire, the reluctance of Ole to make changes off the bench to effect a change that would ring title contender bells is clear indication of why United would not make it.

Two out of three substitutions made at 80th minute. Almost pre planned and customary. Not a response to conceding a second goal. This befits his demeanor of a cold man in the sidelines. By the time the game was over, United did hardly enough to even earn a draw. 

He got the central defence pairing wrong. Left back Telles offered nil forward push. Tuazenbe never played forward. 90% of the first half, Aaron was playing with the ball with plenty of space and nothing effective at the end of it.

Martial has been a total disappointment. His movement off the ball pathetic. With the ball, his desire to take on players or even string a one-two was just plain absent. Greenwood offers nothing in game buildups with team sitting deep. He has poor penetration with the ball and offered nothing all the while Aaron banged forward with the ball.

Pogba, Bruno did the best they could, Rashford was shoved into positions from which he remained ineffective and totally out of the game.

This one is totally on Ole. He effed up.

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