Incredible India

The sort of performance that gives you goosebumps. Down in the dumps, most embarrassing start to the series, the worse ever defeat by an Indian team and then injury defying comebacks.

The way the youngsters, debutants took the game by the grip of its neck and demonstrated a maturity that is simply unbelievable. I don’t think India will ever have a Test series as memorable as this. This is inspiring in so many ways after a dull pandemic year.

Quite often there has been a debate and a soft corner for Sanju Samson over Rishabh Pant. The reason, him being a fellow Keralite, we would love to see him do great things for India. But the kind of composure and maturity shown by Pant to take India to the best overseas series win ever is unbelievable! Hats off Team India.

Captian Cool Rahane, take a bow!

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