Powerful start to 2021

As planned in advance, me and my friend Dr. Wasif decided to hit the track for a half marathon on Jan 1. Two hours of running. I used the Nike Coach to help me get through it. I did it at a much slower pace than my usual runs to ensure that I made it through.

It was not about personal records or anything. The focus was only one thing – to be able to keep a single goal in mind and to achieve it. The feeling was amazing to complete 2 hours of running. It was as if mother nature obliged to our desires as we had the ideal weather to complete it in the morning.

Add to that a Manchester United match late evening to wind up the day. Gritty, determined and dogged performance from Man Utd boys as they looked to restore the fortress at the Theatre of Dreams. A very desirable performance and it will definitely hold the club in good stead to start 2021 joint top in the table.

I return to double shift work from today. Have definite academic targets as well. Let’s make this count!

2021, I am ready!

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