Ode to Elle.

This year has definitely not sped through, but blogging in the 11th month of the year means we are at the fag end. Every year is a new year in every persons life and so it has been for us watching out little baby Vaiga grow up.

It also marked the transition of our body, mind and soul from our learning phase to the leading phase, modulating our behavior to enable the next generation to follow the right path.

As a father there has not been much alteration my life apart from having a kid to pamper, spoil and cajole when upset. Diametric changes have been happening to my wife, who has had to transform and transition to this new role of taking care of a life that she bore in her for 9 months. Every day as she does the simple and complex things with ease, I watch as I struggle to do what she does.

I learnt over the year the difference in the ways my baby cries. A cry as a request to address an issue to a cry that has instant tears ensuing.

Trying to cozy up for nap time is never easy in a dad’s arms. Just so comfy at the same time in mommy’s hand. And rightly so. Testosterone has limited role in providing any form of reasonable comfort for babies like estrogen/progesterone does.

It also makes me marvel at all the women in the world. Undoubtedly the superior sex in all facets.

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