The Google event that could be swept under the carpet

The Google event that could be swept under the carpet

I counted down two hours ahead of the event yesterday as I was running my shift. I managed to watch uninterrupted the first 30 minutes of the Made By Google Event before having to jog on to do some scans. I must admit. The atmosphere and the event was sedate, even from the presenters.

Google Buds

Well, I saw a meme comparing it to mentos. Considering the first google buds, this is a good upgrade. I bet it will feel snug and invisible but it comes out only in 2020. One of the drawbacks of the first one I have is that it is poor for having bluetooth telephone calls in the public. With background noise, the mic was horrible at picking up audio. We will have to wait and see once the product is out to see how good it will be.

Google Home, Nest and paraphernalia

It is evident that much of the upgrade is answers to customers, improving visual appeal of products, enhancing productivity of existing devices et al. Again nothing too impressive.

Chromebook Go

Now this seems like a really good upgrade providing a light powerful chrome OS machine. I am currently using a DELL XPS 13. More than happy to have Windows for my on the go computing needs. It lasts a day and does the job.

Pixel 4

Confirmation of all the leaks. No wide angle camera. Unsurprising is the use of technology to improve quality and techniques of phone photography. Apparently got the best OLED display ever on a smartphone. Has a radar for touchless gestures. Face lock. So, is there anything that would push me to upgrade from my pixel 2 XL? Whilst having stock android 10, with all awesome features of Google Assistant already available, with unlimited original quality google photo storage till 2021 on my pixel 2 and unlimited on my pixel, chances of me going for another pixel phone is grim.

My current google ecosystem involves – Pixel, Pixel 2 XL, Google Home, Chromecast video, Google Buds.

What I wanted

Pixel Watch. None. This time either. Something that I dearly want. Might lead me to get the iPhone 11. You never know.

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