Seven wins in a row!

Seven wins in a row!

I was planning to write a review up yesterday but stalled as I got occupied with work. One of my colleagues ran into traffic and couldn’t make it to work on time.

I did not watch much of the first half and certainly missed both the goals. I caught up in the last half hour of the game. What I did notice though was the players of the attacking mentality were tiring up a bit.

Nearly naming the very same starting line up from the Spurs win, Ole wants to keep the momentum rolling. That is why I believe it is essential for us to kill off teams in the first hour so that the players can have bit of a respite with keep ball or ringing in the subs.

Some of the players also end up unnecessarily picking up knocks, like Rashford opening up his knee towards the end.

While the nervousness was palpable when they pulled one back, our keeper was never really troubled. I have waited really long to see Victor lead the central partnership and it’s good to finally see a manager allowing him to play his style of defending.

Young continues to put in unbelievable shifts for his age at RB. Dalot exhibits the usual naivety of youth. Lingard is just brilliant as a false 9. He has the best one touch football in our entire attacking line and had he been in the positions Pogba had to strike the ball yesterday, there was no doubt at the bare minimum, the keeper would have been worked.

Pogba was a bit off the mark yesterday. And Albion did bring in changes in the second half that did effect our performance.

Nevertheless, its good to be back in the mix up top and fighting. Arsenal thumping Chelsea means the doors is now wide open to top 3.

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