My shack

My shack

Life is all about taking up new challenges, breaking the monotony and putting yourself out there.

I finally got my Iqama done yesterday. Took me only two weeks this time around. Last time I was in Kuwait, it took over a month. Unusually I got a different Civil ID number this time around. I will be heading to PACI soon to try to restore my old number. I have this sentimental attachment to that ID. The Iqama is kind of the only thing that I have which is a proof of my old identify as a Kuwaitfied Indian.

So I was hunting for apartments to stay. And the general climate in Jahra is average of 225 to 250 KD for the older apartments while we are looking at 300 to 350 KD for the new ones.

Having lived for 100 KD a decade ago, there is a definite reduction in size of rooms. But I have no option but to go in for one of these in the current climate.

I resorted to find a place at a walkable distance from my work. Being in a double shift routine, that will let me to spend more home time rather than on travel. It is also going to give me a different perspective of the Kuwait I know having spent all my life in Salmiya.

Looking forward to setting up my new apartment over the next month.

In the meantime, I am going gaga over what ride I should get now that am back in Kuwait. The Dodge Charger is back in my mind again. The R/T. Not the after 2014 model… I want the one before that. That is American muscle. Inshallah after a few months!

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