96 Movie Review

96 Movie Review

Two prime actors – Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan. Whilst the latter is the heartthrob of millennials like me, Vijay has also found a space in my heart as a wonderful actor.


We booked for this movie knowing it’s a romantic flick, likely with strong emotional undertones.

The PVR second show was jam packed on a Monday night. Pretty unusual even for Kochi standards. Showed how good the movie was too.

first look of Vijay Sethupathi-Trisha starrer '96'
first look of Vijay Sethupathi-Trisha starrer ’96’

In this day and age, when we go to watch movies of various genres that live up to the times of today, this movie with its raw unedited pure love which struck down every individual in the school days as their first love is portrayed with such finesse. The direction and cinematography along with the background score takes us through a journey of love, a journey that I haven’t revisited in so long.


It calls out to all the people who believes in true love, how circumstances affect their lives and how true love, especially first love thrives.

This is no one way track love story. Take your loved ones, or dear friends to watch this one. There is no fight sequence. There is no drinking, there is no item song.


This movie takes you on a ride, a ride down memory lane, as you see yourself lost in that character, and you believe true love is the winner no matter how circumstances change.

It’s taken 10 months this year, but easily my favorite movie of 2018!

My rating: 4.5 on 5

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