The growing intolerance

Over the last six months, I have taken a concerted effort to wean myself off social media. I have been a social media faithful for over ten years and it’s not been easy.

So why exactly is it no longer fun to hang in there? Well, as a person who grew up reading books, newspapers, magazines and comics, the main thing is that content is almost always proof read before being shared in the public domain.

The arrival of social media definitely opened up the window to provide access to a lot of really good content, well at least that was the trend to begin with.

Microblogging sites like twitter especially in India has been taken over by numerous English illiterate people, paid to tweet according to the political climate. The discourse has gone down the drain and it has become a real stinky place to be a part of.

Allowing tweets that other people ‘liked’ to appear in my timeline is one of the primary reasons I opted to leave. As much as machines and algorithms try to learn me, my lifestyle and what I like to read, they will never be able to read what my mind wants.

This approach of trial and error to shove anything and everything on to you and then asking you to report, or mute or hide is not really worth the energy.

A lot of productivity of humans are being lost thanks to social media. People have become so hooked on to it that to not be a part of it, makes you either weird or a misfit.

Time to forego these things and live your life the way you should. Currently I operate only on a private Instagram account and that will suffice my needs.


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