Deplorable Manchester United

To start with, the team sheet itself felt odd to me. We did not have a striker. When the game began, I realized Pogba is in the attacking 3! It almost seemed as though the dire form of Rashford forced Ralf to send Pogba to the forward line. For large spells, with a high line, United went toe to toe with City. The poor quality of certain players in the squad was exploited with ease by the Champions as we kept getting found out at right back and right wing. Playing a kid in the derby was always a risk. He took that risk and Elanga was found wanting to provide enough cover for Aaron. 

I am in no way justifying the performance of Aaron, but he probably would have looked better with a better winger with him. If Rashford had started on the left with Sancho on the right, Sancho would have provided the cover he needed and we probably would not have conceded so early. Nevertheless, with sharp quick distribution and transition, we managed to equalize with a quality strike from Sancho. 

Time and again we created opportunities and fair to say, we were doing well in the first half. 

We began to lose our way in the second half, as we have seen all throughout much of this season since Ralf took over. The style of play he desires somehow drains the players by the 60 and by then the game was beyond recovery. De Gea yet again fantastic in giving us an opportunity to compete toe-to-toe with City, but the lack of quality and the drop of heads towards the end sums up United. 

A lot of these players are likely to still be at the club in the summer. Ralf I doubt would have any say in the next manager, nor would he have any role of ‘footballing significance’ in the hierarchy of United. As a United fan, I stopped watching the game past 70 min. Instead spent time unboxing S22 plus for my wife. I did watch also portions of the earlier Arsenal kick-off. I am sure we will cede 4th place to Arsenal. Team >>> lazy individuals

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