Thirtieth day 30.

After a quiet dinner at home with my parents, I have Arnab breaking the quiet in the living room discussing #FTIMahabarat as I scribble on my chromebook. Thirty days have passed since I arrived back to watany.

Having been away from a teaching institution immediately after my training, I had missed the joy of discussions, sharing views, and learning. Fortunate enough to return back to a government sector with elements of teaching, but what has blown me over is the ergonomics that makes life a lot more simpler.

Getting used to the climate was not an issue and with 50 degrees occurring casually every week, I wasn’t fazed.

The biggest luxury has been the sumptuous food delivered during the holy month of Ramadan and the chef/crew of Swiss-beL Plaza for keeping the calories high with their delicacies. The presence of a colleague from a similar background meant I was always treading the same road and with ease.  The other day I had my 2 month residence permit stamped. I was elated to see my old Civil ID coming back onto my passport.

As the last month of the summer beckons, I look forward to settling the paperworks; and at the earliest to return to my belle :-*!

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