Inspired by the Uma Bharti Tape

I was watching Arnab Goswami on the News Hour last night vociferously gunning down the members of his panel when this thought crossed my mind. The BJP representative stated opinions change over a period of time. The tape related to an incident 7 years back. Now irrespective of why she has a different opinion about the BJP priministerial candidate at this point of time, it just made me think of how even we change our opinion of people over a period of time.


Just last day I texted a friend of mine on facebook, only to realize the last time we texted was a year back. Looking into the archive, I was rolling back the years reading the text messages stored there. More than the conversations, what was striking me was how I was changing as time grew.

This deserves a long post and I will be back re exploring this but am thankful for being active in the internet. Be it updating a status on facebook, or tweeting about the goal Manchester United scored, just like photographs, we leave small tags time and again to relive the moment that is eternally stored in our neuronal hard disk.

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