The ‘Flop’kart Shopping experience!

As I sit here watching this classic Aus open semi encounter between Rafa and Fedex, I have just finished editing a couple of photos I captured while I went out in the morning to Marine Drive. Though the content of this post is something I wanted to post a while back but just haven’t had time to do so.

I have been a fairly regular online shopper since the last five years, predominantly an eBay user, however I ventured in to flipkart for the first time on New Years eve when my friend wanted me to buy him the Blackberry Playbook Tablet. The RIM company had slashed the prices of the tabs to less than 50% and local retail stores were out of stock. So I placed an order and was hoping to receive the product within the promised 6-7 business working days.

The irony was when flipkart customer care called up on the 6th day post order to inform it is out of stock. The amount of peril I had to undergo to get it, merely because my friend needed it, else I would have thrown the order right out of my shopping basket.

My friends on twitter and facebook were quick to dismiss this as a one off thing, however when its a first time shopping experience, it makes it all the more a harder pill to swallow. I had to keep probing and prodding them week in week out and eventually it reached. One thing is assured, the first and the last shopping experience for sure!

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