6th Shito Ryu Karate Tournament Kuwait

I spent this weekend at my Uncle’s place in Salmiya. In 1995 with a bunch of friends, we started out on a journey of learning the art form of Karate under him. I stepped out of the realm of Karate in 2000 once I entered 10th standard and more time was spent with the books.

But what it did do was inculcate a routine of fitness apart from the games we play as kids. Warm up and warm down exercise routines that remain forever etched in my memory. I still resort to the same stretches I learnt in my 5th standard before and after my cardio workouts be it cycling or hitting the mill at the gym.

Yesterday I spent attending the 6th Shito Ryu art form of Karate Tournament conducted by my uncle who is an esteemed member of Kuwait Karate Federation and a licensed International Karate Referee.

325 students with an attendance of 1200, the event was conducted for the 6th time and each time the number of participants keep rising. It spanned over 6 hours with three simultaneous fight bouts manned by 11 referees of the Kuwait Karate Federation.

As I sat alongside two senior orthopaedic colleagues in the medical dugout, I enjoyed watching the youthful exuberance, the shy timid ones, the outright offensive ones as kids of different age, height, weight and belt status fought to win the accolades.

Proud parents posed for selfies with their kids, while some parents were seen reprimanding and offering advice to kids on how to come back stronger.

What was worth savoring was the energy and enthusiasm and the will to put yourself forward to fight for your space. This will indeed hold in good stead for all these kids as they shape their personality.