Clint – Malayalam Movie Review

It’s been a long week. A pretty hectic one to be precise. And the Saturday just didn’t seem to end for either of us…stuck at work. So we needed to detox. I had seen a trailer of Clint online couple of days ago. (Just for information, I had no clue or knowledge about Clint). Looked up for seats and PVR had it. Booked online and resumed work. After managing to find a park space in the ever crowded Lulu, I waded in through the human traffic that defines the mall on weekends. Having got to the theatre and bought my customary popcorn, I waited. The screen did not open until ten minutes after the scheduled time. Following trailers, ads and of course the customary (I am proud to be an Indian) anthem, the movie began.


A biopic – with a real life start and end to it. Having had no knowledge at all of Clint, it was an experience to cherish. There were just 5 of us in the entire screening to watch it. The present generation clammered into the entertainers in the other screens. Just goes to speak of how the times have changed. Story of a prodigy who with the limited amount of years of life envisaged life way more than humans do in the first 4 decades of their life. A journey of peace, driving forces of imagination, understanding mother nature more than many other human beings.


If you are a lady who breaks when the happiness meter runs out, then be prepared for the second half. It breaks you for the good. It is good to shed a tear or a bucket full at the end of this movie. There are multiple facets envisaged in this journey. A father – son relation. A mother – son relation. A boy – girl relation.

The caliber of the actors in the movie is outstanding. The team delivers very strongly the message. Unni does a fantastic role as the dad as he goes through an avalanche of emotions. Rima ‘s voice is still ringing in my ears – nothing beats a mothers love. And no matter what,  every child cherishes to lie in the arms of their mother knowing that the father is there beside protecting them both. This is a must watch for all the present generation youth – there is much to learn, much to do. I look forward to reading more about Clint. Always had a weakness for people who live through the eyes of nature.

I felt sad yet at the same time very enriched after walking away from the theater. Movies like this realign the real purpose of life.

My rating: 4.5 / 5.


MOVIE REVIEW: 22 Female Kottayam [Malayalam]

The moment I read the title of this movie, it reminded me of the good old school days of chatting in mIRC where in the first question always used to be asl?  (age/sex/location).

Radio Mango is a regular introducer nowadays to most of the new movie music and it was one such morning wherein I started hearing the songs of this movie. Neha Nair has given voice to the lead character Tessa (Rima Kallingalthough I have to admit no song really got me stuck on.

One thing that I did notice though was that there was a lot of talk about the movie on twitter. Usually I book a ticket in either Cinemax or Q cinemas in Kochi and to my surprise I was not able to book a seat for a week since the release. To have attracted so much attention for an entire week in continuity, I knew there was definitely something in it and I decided to finally see it in my home city (Kollam)

I drove to the Aradhana theatre and was surprised to see a long queue for the 2pm show. The age group was definitely in the 20-30s and the ladies were equating to the men in number. I also saw quite a few families with children < 10-15 yrs in there. (in retrospect maybe the kids probably shouldn’t have been there)

The storyline.. 

The story talks about the life of a young aspiring nurse who wants to move abroad for work and higher studies. Tessa  happens to meet this guy at the Visa agency Cyril  and slowly becomes friends with him. Through friendship, they start texting, eventually calling and falling in love. The progression during this phase is depicted so aptly that for a moment I could recall my college days. The element of romance is something that every young current generation passes through and it is literally as though somebody is taking a leaf out of your life and depicting it on screen. Soon friendship turns into love.

The brilliant romantic buildup with humor and subtle yet balanced display of emotions form the platform for the story to develop on.  The sudden turn of events, the element of surprise, the amount of hurt, the peril of the hapless young girl brings every viewer to empathize with the ill fortune of Tessa. 

The gruelsome period and the turmoil that ensues in the life of the young nurse is demonstrated beautifully while the second half of the movie shows how circumstances can change a person and the person’s outlook.

to sum up.. 

  • There is a lot of take home messages in this movie. Some of them blatantly put through and through, whilst others need to be absorbed.
  • Rima Kallingal has done quite a few movies till now. I haven’t seen her recent movies off late, but in comparison to City of God last year, I think this was an ideal platform for her to showcase her skills and she was brilliant. Her physical makeover was justified by the emotions she delivered so much so that you wonder if Tessa could ever be portrayed any better. Kudos to her.
  • Fahad is getting stereotyped a bit unfortunately, but he does brilliantly to pull off the male chauvunist pig he is and the shit he does to deride women.
  • The yester year stalwarts need special mention as they continue to demonstrate their acting prowess in the limited screen time.

Final verdict = 4 out of 5 : Must watch!

There are movies that move your heart, this one sure does. The element of reality that is etched in it makes it difficult to not relate to and it holds a good message to all the youth.

With some amount of profanity involved, bringing kids along might not be advisable.

Indian Rupee

Another simple Ranjith movie.. typically unconventional and tactfully takes a dig at the current younger generation who like to take the shortest route to quick cash.

The success of this movie rides on Ranjith’s  expected quality alongwith the powerful presence of the legendary Thilakan. Prithviraj has had a series of gung ho movies in the recent past with no real acting excellence to deliver. Through Ranjith, he has returned back with a bang once again and to be honest, one of his standout performance in his short career. The proven excellence of Jagathy Sreekumar, the subtle humor brought in by Tini Tom makes for a convincing 2 and a half hour journey.

The take home message and some of the dialogues hit you right in the face with the harsh reality and this is gonna definitely keep the box office going.

So if you really want to watch a quality Malayalam flick, then head for this one; meanwhile I shall get back to my sleep.. and maybe catch Soundtrack tomorrow 😀 (I love weekends with good movies!)



2011 has been refreshing for the Malayalam Film Industry. Movies like Traffic and Urumi are setting a new trend; a welcome change. This movie also carried the same expectations on it’s shoulders. Financial constraints, delay in release lead to a lack of available slots for the better theatres. My first futile attempt to watch this movie was the day the Endosulfan Hartal was on. Sadly the theatre playing the movie did not even open for first or second show that day. Grand theatre is not one of the preferred destinations to watch a movie in Kollam, considering its age, worn out seats and lack of effective air cooling. Finally yesterday I got myself to go for it, and was not too surprised to see that there were hardly 25 people in total [Don’t worry – not the movie’s fault – the general state of all movies in Kollam :)] which normally makes for a good comfortable viewing.



Lijo Jose Pellissery (@mrinvicible) ‘s second venture after Nayakan also revolves around a powerful  character showcasing Indrajith Sukumaran’s [@Indrajith_S] acting prowess. Lijo introduces the protagonists one by one through a road accident scene where incidentally all the characters are involved. The movie then rolls into flashback….

Swarnavel [Indrajith] is a Tamil immigrant who has settled in Kochi, loves his work, enjoys his daily wages and is a happy-go-lucky fellow. His raw love and affection for a fellow worker Marathakam [Parvathy Menon] and his desire to marry her makes him run into a lot of trouble.

Soorya [Rima Kallingal – @rimakallingal] is a film actor who’s trying to make it big in the industry. She is introduced  through a dance number being shot for the movie she is acting wherein she is seen adorning an array of beautiful dresses. She has a troubled marriage and has a history of a love relation that had gone sour with a businessman – one Mr. Sony Vadayaattil [Rajeev Pillai] who is madly in love with her. He wants to rekindle the relation he had with Soorya but she doesn’t oblige. He tricks her husband into owing him loads of money so that she would eventually agree to all his needs. In addition to this, she has to deal with the perils of the casting couch.

Jyothilal [Prithviraj] is a good friend of Sony and does all the dirty work for him. When a business deal with Mr. Punnoose goes sour, Sony seeks Jyothilal‘s help to ‘deal’ with Punnoose. Out in the open in the heart of Kochi , Jyothilal jumps the gun and slays him right in front of Mrs. Punnoose [Swetha Menon]. Mrs. Punnoose seeks revenge for the death of her husband and she plays with men of power in the city to ensure her husband is avenged.

The story develops centering around the love story of SwarnavelSony’s quest for getting Soorya back into his life and Mrs. Punnoose ‘s revenge. The journey is slow at times, but the action and suspense with an unorthodox way of story telling keeps the audience interested.


  • Lijo is renowned for his different story telling and this too is not one of the ‘characteristic’ Malayalam Box Office movie. He has dealt with an above average script by keeping the raw bloody feel of the action intact alongwith the hand held cinematography of Sujith Vasudev. Sujith’s work needs to be lauded as he keeps the movie as realistic to the viewer without letting effects take a toll.
  • This is easily another feather to Indrajith‘s already variegate character list. He literally lives the character inside out – be it his joy at his girl’s happiness, the drunk sadness of losing her or the anger against the abuse hurled at her. A complete package, and he gets across with ease to the audience. Just one blot: Indran didn’t seem very comfortable in the love making scene :P.
  • Rima Kallingal is an actor in the making. Her role was specific, yet emotionally charged. She does justice to her character. Her despondency is felt by the viewer and our heart goes out to the perils she faces [and she is looking great as usual ;)]
  • Prithviraj has a subdued character after a series of flamboyant ones in the lead role in the recent past. He is strongly focused as a goon, and yet drops his guard when he expresses his concern for his friend.  Maybe a bit less emotive would have Ironed out the character.
  • Parvathy Menon – easily my pick for the best actor in the movie. I have not seen her before and she swept me off with her comfort in her role which had a lot to offer and she justified her selection.
  • Prasanth Pillai’s background score never lets the movie lose the rustic feel it holds all throughout.
  • Rajeev Pillai looks like he is better off doing what he does best, while Swetha Menon has become adept to dealing with any role thrown at her, though I wonder why there is always a bit of seduction involved hmm.
  • Strong supporting role of Rohini needs special mention – evergreen as always.
My Rating 4 out of 5
City of God’s unconventional approach might find divided opinion among the Malayalee audience, though in my opinion, Hollywood fans will appreciate the effort put in to make this movie. (Yup, I would recommend watching it rather than star studded disappointments like Chinatown).