Movie Review: To Noora with Love [Malayalam]


I swiped my debit card at the PVR cinemas kiosk at Lulu mall and collected my ticket. There was a huge crowd outside AUDI 5. Turns out ‘Law point’ (starring Kunchako Boban and Namitha Pramod) was playing there… I waded away from the crowd to pick my cheese popcorn tub and moved towards my AUDI 8. It was already 5 min past the start of the show time and I walked in but did not find the ticket checking dude around. I paused as I climbed the stairs to reconfirm if I walked into the wrong AUDI and that’s when the fellow rushed to check my ticket. Turns out I was the only one SO FAR to get in there. This I believe was the second show of the day after the movie released and I was shocked to find just me sitting there in the theatre.


30min later a bunch of guys turned up and quite clearly seemed like they were here because they probably did not get any other movie tickets.

Another 10 odd people appeared a bit later and THAT was it.

With such a frugal audience and sub 20 degree theatre cooling, I was being chilled to death but wait, I am yet to start on the movie.

True this was comeback movie for Mamta Mohandas (following the relapse of her illness). The posters on social media depicted images of her portraying Noora, a vaguely familiar image to the time when the movie Anwar was released (coincidentally she was ailing too that time). So flashbacks of the Mamta of then kept coming, but this time though she has put onf a few.. as evident on her face. The makeup belied the ailing Mamta. I was empathic right from the beginning.

The story revolves around Noora, a dreamy astronomer, who loves to do a lot of good for the community, how she falls in love with Shajar (Krish Sathar) and the peculiar predicament she finds herself in when confounded with an illness during pregnancy. To Noora with love (53)

So many eminent actors revolve around Noora’s character. Mammookkaa chips in with a few light moments. Kaniha is very comfortable in her role as Shajar’s sister but yet again, maybe this movie might entice the Malabar crowd. Nedumudi Venu portrays the senior doctor treating Noora. Archana Kavi supports Noora as her best friend however for the immense amount of screen time she gets, she fails to leave a lasting effect on the audience.

Krish has a huge role throughout the movie but his acting is labored and he struggles to cope with his better half’s screen comfort.

Mamta-Mohandas-in-Noora-with-Love-(11)3918Sufi music entwined by Mohan Sitara and Vayalar S C Varma is one of the only mood relievers during the period of intervening awkwardness.

Social messages are a plenty with downtrodding of the patriarchal society and spiraling women empowerment issues. But to be honest as I walk out of the theatre, I wonder where I am supposed to find the love that remains painfully only in the title.

My rating: 2/5



This is gonna be a short review since I have got to get to work early tomm morning and it is already encroaching into my sleep hours. I think March is probably already the month with the maximum number of releases in Malayalam in 2013 but somehow I have been occupied with work et al and there was no burning desire to go out of the way and watch a movie. My last movie was Celluloid and that was a different genre in itself. Hearing poor reviews about Red Wine, I decided to skip it and opt for Aamen on the off day we got thanks to Good Friday.


I had already read peer reviews (Courtesy: Sarah )and heard about it on FB and was raring to go for it. I knew it was three hours beforehand. I was prepared. From the first minute though, I have to admit, I was proven wrong.

3It is a story revolving around a church, the people involved in the church band and how they try to revive the dying band. For once in recent times, I walked off the theatre knowing Fahad was a part of the movie, the script and the way the script Lijo presented to us was the real star. The contemporaries involved in this movie – Indrajith, Fahad, Swathi primarily along with Kalabhavan Mani et al have all proven track records. Fahad seems to be living characters out lately that it is almost questionable whether he is acting. Indrajith’s variegate performance is something that is becoming his identity. Swathi (is this her first movie in Malayalam?) with her insatiable eyes (emphasized by ? eye liners) keeps you strung up on screen.


The satire is what drives this movie. The comedy has class, it is mixed just in the manner one sprinkles salt and pepper – here and there just enough to add that extra spice to your taste. What leaves an indelible mark in my mind is the aerial shots panning in and out giving a finishing touch to each shot.

5The music is nourished by laymanistic lyrics apt to the scenarios. This was indeed the perfect movie to befit the festive weekend.

One of the few things that did irk me was the dubbing for Swathi – it stood out as the movie started but otherwise it was indeed a joy ride. Thanks Lijo for this.

My rating: 4.0/5





Wolverhampton Wolves 2-1 Manchester United Review Feb 05, ’11

With MUFC playing a late game at the Molineux, Arsenal had the opportunity to put the league leaders under pressure, however a shocker of a comeback [the first of its kind in the history of the premier league]from 0-4 down by the Toons, kept the door ajar for the red devils to march on even further ahead.

Sir Alex went in with a full strength squad with Rafael [concussion] returning from injury and Fletcher [eye] cleared to play. Rio Ferdinand having picked up an injury during warm-up was replaced by Evans.


Wolves started very positively putting pressure all over the ground, not giving United any time on the ball. But once again the visitors managed to pull off an early goal when Nani was released from the half line, took on two defenders and cut in to send one past the near post of the keeper.

The whole ground went silent but it didn’t take long for the home team to strike back when a complacent united outfit were too slow to react to a corner quickly taken, and an unmarked Elokobi headed well past a stretching Van der Sar.

The equalizer shifted the momentum well in favor of the home side, and with the crowd spurring them on, United began to display some shoddy passing and irresponsible defending with hardly any forward move of noteable outcome. The solidarity of the Vidic – Rio partnership lacking, the frailties and the lack of confidence of the young centre back was exposed time and again by the relentless work ethic of Kevin Doyle, who was simply outstanding for the entire game.

As the half grew on, Wolves were growing in confidence while United were surprisingly sedate and poor.

Another set piece, and another poor display of defending resulted in another headed goal this time Doyle getting the final touch and United were in a hole walking to the dressing room at HT.

46’- 90’ [+5]

Tactical HT time change brought Paul Scholes on for Carrick. It took the magician just his second touch to get his radar right, but such was the quality of defending by the Wolves, throwing bodies on the line, they were desperate to hold onto an unexpected opportunity of coming away with 3 points against the visitors. Little Pea has been consistently scoring off the bench and he was brought on to replace Berbatov while Smalling came on to replace a not so impressive Evans.  But the lack of quality service from the midfield meant Chicharito did not have any good opportunity to work the keeper at all.

An uncharacteristic Ryan Giggs was seen to vent his frustration at Doyle, by kicking him while play was stopped, but got away without any booking. An attempted ‘Hand of God’ by Paul Scholes helped him register himself not alongside Diego Maradona, but in the ref’s book!


  • Manchester United played one of the worst games as a defensive unit and meager in attack. Their dismal poor run away from home was once more affirmed and their unbeatable run came to an end against a bottom 3 team.
  • The missed opportunity to go 3 points ahead and punish the Gunners for dropping 2 points – can be considered significant as Arsenal could so easily have been out of title contention after their ill fortuitous fumble at St. James Park.
  • With the derby due next week, and Rio ruled out with injury for 2 weeks, testing times ahead, no doubt.
  • In a day when 41 goals were scored with some fantastic individual performances, this game doesn’t qualify under the highlights package.


Van der Sar 7.0 Evra 7.0 Vidic 7.0 Evans 6.0 Rafael 7.5 Giggs 6.5 Carrick 6.5 Fletcher 6.5 Nani 8.0 Berbatov 7.0 Rooney 7.0

Subs: Smalling 7.0  Scholes 6.5 Hernandez 6.5


  • Birthday Boy Carlos Tevez treated himself to a hattrick with 2 penalties and one in open play.
  • Louis Saha may have been offside when he scored last week, but there was nothing speculative in the 4 goals he thumped in this time around.
  • Robert Huth scored 2 and assisted one to get Stoke to victory after trailing twice against Sunderland.
  • Tiote ‘s equalizer to level the game at 4-4 with a beautiful volley strike from 40 yards is my pick of the week – to cap of the most successful comeback ever in the history of EPL.
  • With 4 teams yet to play on Super Sunday, we have already seen 41 goals scored, the highest ever in a gameweek!