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Was very happy for once to actually be free to attend a dear friend’s engagement today. Sharing a few moments from the day. Picking a leaf out of our memory and reliving it is a wonderful feeling whenever we catch up with our friends after a while and that was exactly what this day was all about. A  2-3 hours spent worthy.. All the best Jono and Parv








Let’s get ready to RAW!

VBMarch 29, 2014-3The month of March was slow. Plenty of hours spent in the hot humid hostel room, eating, sleeping and reading. With the nervousness levels notching up as the dates of the exam got closer, I realized that it has been quite a while since I wrote a major exam.

It had been so long so much so that undertaking a period of constant writing for nearly 3 hours seemed like a task the fingers felt they shouldn’t be doing anymore. As evidenced by the end of the last paper, when my fingers were about to divorce me if I put them through any more torture.

VBMarch 29, 2014-2

Despite the slowly building stress to the exams that usually is seen, I began questioning the purpose of this exam that comes after three years of specialty training. No longer having standard textbooks to refer to, the volume of content to be prepared to appear an exam of this stature is just unbelievably magnanimous. The vastness of the subject compiled on top of a degenerating memory bank further atrophied by over reliance on electronic data banks other than our brain, just makes the challenge twice harder!

I fought my brain throughout that month to try to compete like the previous years, but I knew that as we keep getting older, things start to become harder. After battling sleepless nights, and a pensive 1st week of the month, I finally breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the theory exams.

A break was desperately needed but I have postponed it to break officially for New Year and to catch up with my cousins.

VBMarch 29, 2014

I have been away from any gadget frenzy for a while now, but there was one that I had kept on my wishlist for a long time. And that was a digital SLR camera. I was closely monitoring online retail prices and window shopping different companies and models. When the time was right, and when I eventually found the right deal, I decided to go for my first dSLR camera – the Nikon D3200. Apart from the kit lens 18-55mm, I also acquired the 35mm f 1.8G prime lens.


Both were ordered from Flipkart and unlike my first bad experience with them, they have been fantastic in all my other shopping extravaganzas. In 48 hours, I received both lens and my cam kit. The tripod, cleaning kit and the memory card are on their way. Here is my first shot. I am really excited about this and looking forward to getting creative with quality hardware. Watch out this space for more captures!


Rehab Phase II

AIMS by dr_babu
AIMS, a photo by dr_babu on Flickr.

1 month since the surgery. I am eagerly looking forward to mobilising and getting back to my work routine. The last two days were good to just settle back after a long break at home. Miss mom and the lovely home food. Hopefully I will be cleared to move onto Phase II of the rehab and then slowly ease into the work routine. Dusted fungus off my camera cover and stitched this photo – a view of my hospital from my balcony. It’s time for the dark clouds to part and let the sun’s rays shine through. 🙂