The mortal

The bokeh was perfect as the camera focused solely on the subject. It was a skill he acquired as he slowly learned the nuances of photography. The prime focus the subject being evaluated, it helped to detract from what happens in the background. It drew people into a perspective that he wanted people to see. And that was good, as that hid all that happened in the periphery.


That’s very similar to how people live in a society. Building an image that they want the society to see, but each images is made of umpteen number of pixels, and the final outcome is the coming together of all of these. To take people at face value is a risk you solely seek for, cause the face was always plural. You just do not know which one you saw, more importantly which you perceived.


We love to pass judgements. It is human nature, and you can not alter the laws of nature. No matter how many times you mould over, the core persona remains the same. And no matter how much you try to shield yourself as you grow up, protecting yourself from past experiences, the heart still beats lub-dubb. The beauty of the human body is that when you are off guard, your core gets exposed, the years of hardwork in locking up certain attributes of yours which you did not want revealed, they pop out.
Enjoy being yourself, live and love life. ❤