Oru Vadakkan Selfie – The right ingredients for a blockbuster


It is after all the viewers that make or break movies. In a time frame when movies disappear much faster than the time taken to make them, certain elements come together to ensure few of them survive to top the charts.

The proximal half of the movie is difficult to even be called ‘scripted’ as it literally pops out of real life. The nuances and moments of life of an Engineering student who fails to make the cut (and there are quite a lot of them out there all right), the way the present generation is ‘enlightened’ by their smartphones and ‘phablets’ are brought to us with such amiable humor that it is hard to not enjoy the light mood.


The amount of pondering the second half of the movie provokes is predictable yet with the right message intended, it makes all the more sense to go out there and spend those little two hours of our life. With the internet bringing people closer through e-social life, the vulnerables’  are yet again caught out in this movie. The emphasis on cyber crimes is well envisaged here as it sheds some light on how organized crime could get.

Apart from the comic elements the movie conjures to keep us entertained, there are plenty of take home messages that needs to be taken pretty damn seriously!

Movie Review: NERAM [Malayalam]

I think TIME is probably the word I have spoken about most often in this blogsite of mine, how I find it so hard to find it. Well, it was a weekend, a pretty long one. Needed to recuperate from a few moral set backs, and thought I should cap the weekend off with a movie and start afresh.

I have this as my caller tune ever since I came across this video last year. A simple song, a beautiful girl and it talks about love. Well when I saw the trailer to this movie, I decided to go for it.

Sprinkled with humor all along its course, it studies the  rule of nature – A bad time is always followed by a good one and vice versa. Nivin being the unfortunate lad in this movie – he tries to relaunch his career and handle the love of his life as things go awry in every possible way for him. The movie builds up with a first person giveaway of the plot and moves into the heart of the movie with a couple of soothing music numbers. The characters etched by Alphonse Putharen from the cop named Tintu to the Monik (Manikunju) leave an indelible mark on you as you set out of the theatre.

With a run time of just about an hour and a half, there is enough amount of humor to keep the show going. The only downside  I could pessimistically claim is the use of ‘slo mo’ in the movies lately. I feel maybe this has gone to the high end of the normal limit. Apart from that it is indeed an entertainer for all that it promises to deliver.

Seeing Nazriya on screen for the first time and I have to admit she is pretty good! Cameos from Manoj K Jayan and more important characters by Shammi Thilakan do burn down the screen with their acting prowess.

The choice of characters – and their deliverance is invariably the high of the movie. If this is what Alphonse had in mind to put across, am pretty sure he has got his job done all right!


My rating : 4/5


I will not go at length to discuss this movie to be honest since I am pretty disappointed walking out of the hall. After having watched Life of Pi in 3D, and following a mini break, this was definitely not the movie to reignite the movie goer. Chapters broadly divides the movie into 4 chapters each interconnected to one another in one way or the other. The Chapter 1 script and the acting was so poor that it kills the movie before it even gets going.

The subsequent chapters with more experienced actors tried to undo the harm done. The message the director attempts to convey is , let’s just put it this way, poorly come across to the audience. Actors like Gauthami who had a fair run in her first two movies is seen handling a role in which she has hardly any substance to deliver. The fact that 2 days after it’s release, half of the Oberon Mall Screen was empty says it all.

My Rating  1.5 out of 5