Web of life


I didn’t mull over 2015 as the year grinded to a halt. I was already into 2016 with plans to move ahead without much of a hoo haa. 2015 was a year that saw me transitioning from one phase of my career to another; moving to homeland and working in a country am proud to call my homeland. I have been lucky to be born here away from India and at the same time be able to associate myself with two different countries and still call them home.


When I left 12 years ago, never did I dream of returning back to work here. Even if I did, I didn’t expect it to happen this early. We choose, and he disposes. When I sat out the 2015 New Year in Kuwait spending time with family, little did I realize the 2016 New Year would be spent here in a completely different dimension.


Such is the web of life. Slowly and steadily I have settled into the new work environment, made new friends, and begun returning back to life. As everything is a reflection of the past, there is a sense of comfort, to be back home. A sense of wanting to give back to a nation that has helped my Dad bring me up this way and get me to this point in my life. To work in the public sector is a joy am experiencing for the first time.


But 2016 so far has also been one of harsh realities. Living in the moment is what makes life awesome. Rather than mollifying the targets of this year as mere resolutions, I hope we set out to do what we want, enjoy life and always keep a hand free to help someone all the time. I have been finding a lot of mental satiety in extending an arm; something that has changed my perspective and perception of life.


2016 will be a year of going places, exploring, learning and sharing. Cheers!


Thank you 2014 for being really really nice to me!


I got my customary year end mail from WordPress.com today listing all my blog stats and posts for the year of 2014. I decided to crunch down the gone by 365 days whilstI I fly 10km above the Indian Ocean to spend time with my parents at my birthplace.


It’s been a remarkable spectrum of a year. The year began with me desperately muddled in ocean of radiology info bits as I prepared for my post graduate exams. The pressure was piled further on by the fact that I was due to get married in a month after the exams. That made me work even harder to ensure I achieved what I wanted. The result of pass was only a documentation of the three years of quality training I had received, but a compliment coming from my respected professor was the best result I had on the day. I went on to rue the lack of opportuinty to return some of the goodwill and faith some of my teachers had in me. My new workplace meant I was bereft of opportunities to make a telling contribution to the national conference to be held in our State next month.


Onam celebrations at my department


Starting out fresh in a totally new place, I had all the signs of a novice freshly graduated and asked to work like its my bread and butter. The `initial pressure was immense, the errors creeping in quick. The pressure to perform right, to do it quick and as my boss always said – “To make as less mistakes as possible” was something I was initially struggling with. Breaking out of one’s cocoon was made easier by the work based training I received at my alma mater and slowly I came to terms with the demands.


The drop from a tertiary healthcare hospital down to a secondary hospital dramatically changed the backdrop of the patients visiting me. The common man with the common problems started becoming the centre of events rather than the “uncommon presentation of the common thing”.  The best moments of joy were watching the kids play inside the mother’s womb, their emotions as they tenderly grow in their own home. Documenting death of growing babies in the mother’s womb has been the most painful work I have ever done and each time, am forced to do it with a lump in my throat.


The quizzical, impatient and impertinent questionnaire from the patients and their accompaniments; the darker brutal side of medicolegal suits are all something that I am getting to see and learn first hand. The lack of commuincation between colleagues of the same fraternity has an appalling impact on the overall efficiency of our work.


diwali diyas

Living in the outskirts of the city helped and sometimes did more harm than not as we used to try to spend as much of our free time in the city depriving myself much of rest. At times I wonder a quiet weekend is all I need!

Maldives Paradise Island Water Villa

Maldives Paradise Island Water Villa


The year also saw me travelling to two countries for the first time – Maldives and Saudi Arabia. Culminating the year returning to Kuwait seemed ideal to wind it up.

Sand Dunes Saudi Arabia

Sand Dunes Saudi Arabia


More than getting the degree and beginning to learn to stay on my own feet, this year was primarily about embarking on the biggest journey of my life – the wedding. Brought together by planetary positions and other extrinsic circumstances, beginning to share my space, joy, sorrows, fear, love, and many more, to share the master password to my head and heart with my better half is something I will always cherish this year for.


Thank you 2014! Cheers to 2015


This year is the coming together of few small fruits of long years of tender loving care of my parents and I am happy that I am one of the reasons of their joy this year.


No new year resolutions to put out for the coming year, I will meet 2015 with the same fervor and enthusiasm as I did with the former.


Thank you and good bye 2014  – Cheers to 2015


Ushering 2014..

I had an unexpected off the road casual conversation with a total stranger last evening. I was amazed by how that person gauged me, decided to share some perspective on life, shed by day to day experiences. It is rare to find like minded people but it got me thinking, for a minute to stop thinking of the short term and look at the larger picture. This came after we had an enthralling morning with boss in the department. As coincidental as it was, I was shown the two sides of the coin on the same day and I am grateful that it happened.

With facebook now it is even more easier to reminisce how the year went by if you have been logging it like a public diary, but nevertheless am sure today evening, I will sit back and turn the clock back to have a birds eye view of me and my life, what I did in 2013.

2014 is a year am longing to hop onto. I see myself going places, aspiring, competing, loving, sedating life.

Save the date

Let’s wipe the slate clean and tidy, and start yet again. Happy 2014 friends!

Reflection – Year End 2010

As another year grinds to a halt, I did not actually sit down this time around to reflect on the year that has just sped past me. 2010 academically was a poor one for me, though it did see me return to my native hometown of Kerala.

Being born and brought up outside + 6 years of Med School in the beautiful Manipal Village, I effectively hardly spent any time in Kerala. And that reflects pretty well on my knowledge of people and places here.

This was the first time I managed to make it to a trip to both Sabarimala and Guruvayur in the same calendar year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to do the same in the forthcoming years.

2010 was different, particularly since I spent most of the year at home, I was able to come to terms with a lot of things about life in Kerala, the awesome beauty, the ragged road rash, the annoying ‘Meenkaari’ who bangs on our gate every morning and many more.

But what was significantly different was how a group of really close friends from college days, had to part, new relations | family | distance all in favor. It was a time when I actually realized that family can NEVER be what one’s friends are, but it is possible some can come remotely close to it. And probably that is one of the reasons why my time spent on my 2010 Addiction resulted in getting a number of wonderful friends over the course of 140 characters.

It’s amazing how social networking can change our lives, but Twitter was even more different, the opportunity to interact with celebrities [one thing which we could never imagine], have healthy discussions, heated debates, meet people from the same background, discuss your favorite rock band | football team and what not and of course gossip! But unlike other social networking sites, the openness of Twitter, the anonymity and yet the feeling of being a part of a Twitfam makes one feel good.

I still remember the days when I started tweeting and I would be desperate to get a reply from a celeb, even if it is just a Smiley, but it always lifted my general mood! To quit digressing, so there was always this yearning to look forward to any sort of opportunity to catch up with my college mates, some of them whom I rate in my top list of influential people at this point of time.

And it invariably happened in the form of Wedding Reunions. Have been able to attend two of my friends weddings this year and be it even a few hours lets me take my mind off everything and reminisce the good old days.

Two days ago, I attended my friend Anna’s wedding, a girl who comes across as an orthodox Christian, who ALWAYS manages to bring a smile on everyone’s face. I was glad I could attend her wedding, and for the first time I felt something really special about this girl. There was this amazing glow about her and in the Church during the mass, while I was capturing snaps of her and her soon to be husband, I can’t deny it but I could actually feel something really Special is happening here and frankly I have NEVER felt the same while attending a wedding. Call it spiritual or anything else, but it was very much worth it. I wish them both the very best in life, causethis girl deserves nothing but the best.

2010 will always be etched in my memory as the year when I started introspecting Photography.

It was a good way to sign off a year which I wouldn’t rate to be in my top 5 but it’s a new day, it’s a new start and I am gonna continue  into 2011 from where I left 2010! Wish all around the World for a healthy, safe and green 2011!