Clint – Malayalam Movie Review

It’s been a long week. A pretty hectic one to be precise. And the Saturday just didn’t seem to end for either of us…stuck at work. So we needed to detox. I had seen a trailer of Clint online couple of days ago. (Just for information, I had no clue or knowledge about Clint). Looked up for seats and PVR had it. Booked online and resumed work. After managing to find a park space in the ever crowded Lulu, I waded in through the human traffic that defines the mall on weekends. Having got to the theatre and bought my customary popcorn, I waited. The screen did not open until ten minutes after the scheduled time. Following trailers, ads and of course the customary (I am proud to be an Indian) anthem, the movie began.


A biopic – with a real life start and end to it. Having had no knowledge at all of Clint, it was an experience to cherish. There were just 5 of us in the entire screening to watch it. The present generation clammered into the entertainers in the other screens. Just goes to speak of how the times have changed. Story of a prodigy who with the limited amount of years of life envisaged life way more than humans do in the first 4 decades of their life. A journey of peace, driving forces of imagination, understanding mother nature more than many other human beings.


If you are a lady who breaks when the happiness meter runs out, then be prepared for the second half. It breaks you for the good. It is good to shed a tear or a bucket full at the end of this movie. There are multiple facets envisaged in this journey. A father – son relation. A mother – son relation. A boy – girl relation.

The caliber of the actors in the movie is outstanding. The team delivers very strongly the message. Unni does a fantastic role as the dad as he goes through an avalanche of emotions. Rima ‘s voice is still ringing in my ears – nothing beats a mothers love. And no matter what,  every child cherishes to lie in the arms of their mother knowing that the father is there beside protecting them both. This is a must watch for all the present generation youth – there is much to learn, much to do. I look forward to reading more about Clint. Always had a weakness for people who live through the eyes of nature.

I felt sad yet at the same time very enriched after walking away from the theater. Movies like this realign the real purpose of life.

My rating: 4.5 / 5.

Ennum Eppozhum


Vishu… to new beginnings.. well it was a new beginning indeed when I decided two years ago to go meet a potential marriage candidate. Two hours of conversation two years ago changed my life. As I enjoyed this Vishu Sadhya with my confidante, we had already decided to spend the next two hours watching a family entertainer. We weren’t driven by the reviews, rather limited by the options of available movies to watch in our town.

I had not watched the trailers so I wasn’t under any impression of the movie. Considering I had just watched Oru vadakkan selfie 3 days ago, this being another genre, still had enough and more mettle (at least on reel paper) to beat it all ends up – A Sathyan Anthikad feature, Mohanlal Manju Warrier duo, unmatched acting and direction prowess.

What turned out though was quite the contrary. Accepting Mohanlal as he is, pretty far from his physical prime, he eased into his role. After a record setting return to the industry, watching Manju Warrier in yet another role carved out to fit not only her physical form but her acting adeptness was kind of a lull. So many cliche dialogues riddled with confusing reel/real life situations made it a bit of an agonizing journey ahead.

With the available talent in hand, somehow the moments wherein Lena and Manju share the screen, the audience is left wanting more out of the two wonderful acting persona.

The movie eventually played out akin to one scripted to play the actors rather than the other way round. Worth the miss!


Movie Review: To Noora with Love [Malayalam]


I swiped my debit card at the PVR cinemas kiosk at Lulu mall and collected my ticket. There was a huge crowd outside AUDI 5. Turns out ‘Law point’ (starring Kunchako Boban and Namitha Pramod) was playing there… I waded away from the crowd to pick my cheese popcorn tub and moved towards my AUDI 8. It was already 5 min past the start of the show time and I walked in but did not find the ticket checking dude around. I paused as I climbed the stairs to reconfirm if I walked into the wrong AUDI and that’s when the fellow rushed to check my ticket. Turns out I was the only one SO FAR to get in there. This I believe was the second show of the day after the movie released and I was shocked to find just me sitting there in the theatre.


30min later a bunch of guys turned up and quite clearly seemed like they were here because they probably did not get any other movie tickets.

Another 10 odd people appeared a bit later and THAT was it.

With such a frugal audience and sub 20 degree theatre cooling, I was being chilled to death but wait, I am yet to start on the movie.

True this was comeback movie for Mamta Mohandas (following the relapse of her illness). The posters on social media depicted images of her portraying Noora, a vaguely familiar image to the time when the movie Anwar was released (coincidentally she was ailing too that time). So flashbacks of the Mamta of then kept coming, but this time though she has put onf a few.. as evident on her face. The makeup belied the ailing Mamta. I was empathic right from the beginning.

The story revolves around Noora, a dreamy astronomer, who loves to do a lot of good for the community, how she falls in love with Shajar (Krish Sathar) and the peculiar predicament she finds herself in when confounded with an illness during pregnancy. To Noora with love (53)

So many eminent actors revolve around Noora’s character. Mammookkaa chips in with a few light moments. Kaniha is very comfortable in her role as Shajar’s sister but yet again, maybe this movie might entice the Malabar crowd. Nedumudi Venu portrays the senior doctor treating Noora. Archana Kavi supports Noora as her best friend however for the immense amount of screen time she gets, she fails to leave a lasting effect on the audience.

Krish has a huge role throughout the movie but his acting is labored and he struggles to cope with his better half’s screen comfort.

Mamta-Mohandas-in-Noora-with-Love-(11)3918Sufi music entwined by Mohan Sitara and Vayalar S C Varma is one of the only mood relievers during the period of intervening awkwardness.

Social messages are a plenty with downtrodding of the patriarchal society and spiraling women empowerment issues. But to be honest as I walk out of the theatre, I wonder where I am supposed to find the love that remains painfully only in the title.

My rating: 2/5



Two new releases – Sound Thoma and Emmanuel. I had a fair inkling what Dileep and Co. would provide, I wondered what the latter would. Why do we go to watch movies? After all, it is all about entertainment. Spend an evening out with friends, family etc, do a bit of shopping, grab a bite and then watch a movie to wind the day out. Well, movies which put out harsh truths in a mellow or ‘out there’ fashion do not entertain all age groups.

3Emmanuel (Mammooty),  a middle aged family man, the gentle, soft hearted, ‘paavam’ types with whom you can’t find any fault. He loses his job and is forced to go out into the open and compete against the ‘new generation’ people. Lal Jose paints the picture of an Insurance Company on his canvas where Emmanuel gets a job to make ends meet. His interactions in his day to day work hours with people from all walks of life, the attitude of peers, the competitive and ‘quick cash’ minded mentality of the current crop of work  force is thrown out into the light for all to see.

Fahadh Fazil cuts the role of the ambitious ‘target’ oriented Branch head manager who is only bothered of making sure he gets a promotion at the end of each of his term. It is a different character from his previous ones and he does fairly well.

2As we sit through the movie, we get to see on one hand the good nature of Emmanuel and his ambitions to bring a good living standard to his life. On the other hand, we get a window into the life of an average family man in Kerala who dreams and hopes to achieve them one day.

It does have the odd humor, not much of music and is powerfully drawn by the acting of Mammooty. One’s heart goes out when Sukumari amma comes on screen, R.I.P. Mughda was probably the least impressive especially initially but later on she grew in with her attire and appearances.

4There is a strong emphasis on the attitude of the current youth and hence I doubt this movie would attract much attention from them. I prefer to include people of my age group to be lost amongst the previous gen and the current ‘new gen’. To get into that would be another post in itself 😀


It is not exactly a weekend chill out movie. Watch it for Mammootty’s prowess and if you need a reality check 🙂

My rating: 3.0/5.0