Kalyana Samayal Saadham


I recall my wife asking me to watch this one quite some time back. She emphasized on how much it resonated with our life. I finally got my hands on it this week and watched it today.

It was in many ways a trip down memory lane. A lane I had so recently traversed. It made me stop and think of all the small memories that we innocently created out of nothing, and it was amazing to see something so similar in reel life.


It also makes me miss you even more. <3. Can only thank the big fellow up there wherever he is, for offering the biggest gift I could ever have in my life. It is nearly becoming a year since I for some stupid reason decided to pounce on a new job opportunity. And to be honest, I feel like it’s been ages! No matter how much virtual ‘connectivity’ seems to bring us together; nothing equates to the joy of being beside you, to laugh with you, to hear you crib, to go for a late night drive and crash at a CCD, to do nothing all day long on the weekend and just lie beside you.
To our next reunion, real soon, mwah.


Web of life


I didn’t mull over 2015 as the year grinded to a halt. I was already into 2016 with plans to move ahead without much of a hoo haa. 2015 was a year that saw me transitioning from one phase of my career to another; moving to homeland and working in a country am proud to call my homeland. I have been lucky to be born here away from India and at the same time be able to associate myself with two different countries and still call them home.


When I left 12 years ago, never did I dream of returning back to work here. Even if I did, I didn’t expect it to happen this early. We choose, and he disposes. When I sat out the 2015 New Year in Kuwait spending time with family, little did I realize the 2016 New Year would be spent here in a completely different dimension.


Such is the web of life. Slowly and steadily I have settled into the new work environment, made new friends, and begun returning back to life. As everything is a reflection of the past, there is a sense of comfort, to be back home. A sense of wanting to give back to a nation that has helped my Dad bring me up this way and get me to this point in my life. To work in the public sector is a joy am experiencing for the first time.


But 2016 so far has also been one of harsh realities. Living in the moment is what makes life awesome. Rather than mollifying the targets of this year as mere resolutions, I hope we set out to do what we want, enjoy life and always keep a hand free to help someone all the time. I have been finding a lot of mental satiety in extending an arm; something that has changed my perspective and perception of life.


2016 will be a year of going places, exploring, learning and sharing. Cheers!

Walks of life

It’s funny how the most stirring conversations are usually with total strangers. No inhibitions; no restrictions; no obligations and yet brings so much clarity.


The aspirations of parents for their kids, to provide them with what they couldn’t get, to see them reach heights the parents dreamt of but couldn’t achieve.


It takes to be a parent to understand what a parent has been through, they say.

The matter of the moment changes as we ride the ferris wheel of life; the closer we get to where we started, clearer the picture on the ground level.  

Life.. is all about love.

A couple of months after I joined my postgraduate training, mom encouraged (more like kicked me into) listing my ‘availability’ on the ever growing bharatmatrimony.com portal. The idea was so that I could find someone by the time I finish my training.

For over a year and a half, luckily all interactions with parents of potential ‘would be’s’ were solely limited to internet and phone conversations. Things beefed up as I approached the beginning of my final year of training. I was no longer a free member. I became CLASSIC PLUS, i.e., now I get to personally contact potential candidates online. I was getting more and more immersed into my residency and the responsibilities it carried.


Scene 1

In January, the online meets led to an actual pennu kaanal chadangu. I had seen the pic of the girl online. Petite with bright eyes. Rest all had to be deciphered once I met her.

Boy meets girl. Boy nervous. Girl very nervous. First time for both. Boy tries to blabber rubbish to calm her nerves. Moves into common areas of interest. Discussing MBBS (thank god there is 4.5 years and shit load of subjects to bring up!)

Meet – from an academic perspective is a success.

Our astrologer enters the scene – Stars do not match. Chapter closed.

Outcome: Tasty roasted cashews the best part of the visit.

Scene 2

Mom invites me for round 2 a month later. This time I manage to convince her to fly back home. Decide to focus on studies and work.

Our astrologer, girls astrologer – give the green signal.

Pressure: See girl before May, else no girl walks into your life for the next 365 days 24/7.

Boy sees picture of girl.  Sharp features, captivating smile. Boy meets girl.


On April 14th, we met. We spoke, for almost 2 hours. I was blunt, trying to portray all the dimensions of my personality that might drive her away from me. She sat there, listening, smiling, acknowledging. She was bright, confident, mature. A good student of experience, I found it difficult to find fault with her. I went back home, having failed to find anything that could turn me away from her.

BSNL, Vodafone and IDEA made the distance between us disappear. Whatsapp kept us on our toes.


Official: On September 6th we vowed to take the plunge. Her coming into my life was apt in many ways. She brought color to the grayscale routine I have been in for the last two years. It is an inexplicable genuine feeling knowing you really matter to someone out there, that there is someone to share the fruits of your success, to support you when you need it most.

Last one month has been crazy. With family around, I managed to spend some quality time at home and I take this moment to thank each and everyone from family and friends to colleagues and teachers who have kept us in their prayers and wished us. This is a journey of much excitement and I hope to savour every moment of it.