The First and the Cochification of my Malayalam

Day 8

I love Mondays, probably more so cause I was born on one. Seem to always find myself with bundles of energy. Was posted in the Ultrasound room. As I sat there observing multiple ones being done, out of the blue, my senior offered me to do one. I was like “Me???” Doing an USG was the last thing I expected to get to do as early as the first day of my second week, but I mustered some confidence and got myself to hold the probe in my right hand and scan the abdomen.

I knew I would be confronted with procedures where I’d have no option but to train myself to use my right hand more than the left. Interestingly yet unfortunately my first scan found a mass in the left kidney which needs further evaluation. I hope it turns out to be benign.

Maybe it was the good rapport with the senior and the nursing staff that kept the nerves shackled away, but am glad I have taken the first step, no matter how small 🙂

My South Kerala Malayalam slang is taking some beating all right! As I speak to more and more mid Kerala staff and patients, I find myself unintentionally tuning myself to their slang. I hope I don’t lose my ‘accent’ 🙂