Keedam, Oruthee, Dear Friend, Jo and Jo

After a very long time, I binged on 4 movies in 30 hours. Holidays for Eid and days off from work, I decided to catch up on a whole set of movies. Of course, it is hard to lock full focus onto them with a toddler at home and an infant loitering around the apartment.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movies in this order – Jo and Jo, Oruthee, Dear Friend and Keedam.


Great acting by Navya Nair. Good to see her back in the mainstream. Her acting prowess was there for all to see in a role that seemed chiseled out for her. Some scenes were bit prolonged and painful, but overall it was an enjoyable story (after all, based on a true life incident).

Jo and Jo

Just sit back, all laid back and enjoy this teenage blockbuster. Just natural vibes, next door movie. The kids are growing up to become some really good actors, as evident in this one

Dear Friend

I like the way this story was built up. Firstly cause I did do my college in Karnataka. Any movies that spend some time there is nostalgic. Some strong actors in key roles in this one. I am not really sure I appreciate the way the movie ended, left me wanting, inquisitive about Vinod, an enigma. Lot of lessons to learn in this for startups, entrepreneurs though


I am a great fan of Rajisha. She is a real good actor. Her screentime is worth it. The thread of the movie is nice, but it could be delivered in a better manner. Some of the exaggerations were a bit too filmy for my liking.