Scheduled for my Medical License Interview with the Ministry of Health, Kuwait tomorrow. Having been already a part of the system, I just need to document my new experience with the officials. Looking forward to getting one set of paperwork through in that manner.

Next two weeks are crucial to my process of settling down in Kuwait as I rack up the furniture at home and setup things. Still awaiting my first paycheck and for the identity card that will be required for me to do all my work in Kuwait.

The cold wave seems to have returned this week with nights seeing again single digit temperatures. Perks of being in Jahra – you get the maximal experience of the weather mood swings!

I received the break up scores of my performance in the FRCR Part A Winter 2018 exam today by email. Amazed how delayed the breakdown email has come. What I did notice though was that my performance was consistent in all modules except being borderline in two of them. So expecting to jump the line in the repeat exam in June.

This provides the much needed impetus and motivation to strive forward again. The drawback though is having performed fairly consistently in all the modules, means when I prepare I have to go hard at all the modules yet again. No pain, no gain!!