Enthralling Day 2 at the Oval

A quiet weekend spent at home essentially just being lazy. But the icing was watching a tantalizing day of test cricket between India and England. With the series level at one apiece, yesterday was an important day for both teams to tilt the series in their direction.

India started well, but a solid partnership from England’s low middle-order batsmen began taking the game away. Why Ashwin was not picked is a question everyone keeps asking, but indeed Jadeja stepped up to bring in the key breakthroughs.

With the openers setting a solid base for us to work our way to a competitive score, another enthralling day of cricket awaits us on Day 3.

Bell Curve

India is currently into the third leg of battling COVID19. Apparently it should not be called a lockdown, because unlike the prior two, plenty of easing up is seen in restrictions with zonal divisions of the nation based on disease load.

The inept governance that GoI is known for under Modi means, the number of amendments and revisions of guidelines in itself need a large folder to sift through!


A graph that brought much muse to the scientific world is the prediction of how a bell shaped curve and dip in cases were projected into the third week of May. Whilst there is progressive ramping up of testing, and per million deaths continue to be one of the lowest in the world, this needed quite a stretch of imagination apart from its peculiar sync with the terminal date of the third leg of lockdown.

So what benefit does it serve in the midst of a pandemic, to undertest, under report and under diagnose COVID19? For all the sensationalism that this virus creates, it still has a very low mortality rate in comparison to its predecessors SARS and MERS.

Narendra Modi, all throughout his tenure as Prime Minister, always makes it a point to have his signature on every move. He prefers a distinctive path that centres all the actions as distinctly emanating from him.

It has been reported at large, how he sidelines every expert and we will have to just stand by and watch as things unfold perilously.

Currently we are in the rising phase of the curve. Unlike other countries, with better transparency indices than India, we are going to be having a persistent prolonged Bell curve in this pandemic.

The worry remains perennially on Indian healthcare workers as undertesting and under reporting would mean repeated exposures to viral loads, shortening the crippling healthcare system.

The fungus that keeps growing.

As a citizen of India, it pains for each one of us to actually see what exactly is happening right now within the country. The government apparently feels fulfilling all of its promises is the way forward, even at a time when the country’s economy is in doldrums.

So what exactly are the priorities of the government? Should we as common citizens be worried that the onion prices are going up? Or should we be worried that we aren’t taking care of persecuted minorities of other countries. Persecuted minorities is what they say. In a land where we are unable to provide basic amenities to its own citizens, we are talking about providing support to the lesser privileged in other countries.

The ineptitude of the opposition is there for everyone to see but what happens when the young voices of India get to the streets asking for their own rights?!

Who would have imagined that in the third decade of the millennium we are actually talking about having internet shutdowns in different states of India.

I am only in my 30s and this is the first time I am actually seeing a government that is so scared of public opinion. This is the anti-thesis of democracy where the ruling regimen fears any form of disagreement and wants to work autonomously. Voices of dissent are vehemently opposed, so will the original India rise back again is the question.

Classy cricket, despondent fandom

It’s tough. Unprecedented things are happening the world, much due to mans own doings. When rain plays havoc with the most prized cricket tournament, a lot has been left to the mysterious power that runs the world, but what it did provide though was two days of oustanding cricket.

It is fair to question a pitch that was prepared for this game. After all, both teams, the viewers, the commentators, the analysts all misread it. The pitch played its own match. In a tournament that saw 300 as the norm, the least what fans wanted to see was one where batsmen aren’t sure what the same type of ball would do, thanks to the ? factor the pitch added to each ball.

Nevertheless it also is a learning curve that, once you get to knockouts, it’s anybodys game. Having gotten away from having to battle the DL method, India shouldn’t have buckled the way they did. Credit to their opponents, who were outclassing India in all the departments today.

I recall the 10 over sessions yesterday wherein Bhogle said, India has topped the first four sessions, will NZ make the last count? They did. And they replicated the next day, tilting all the sessions intheir favor.

In any defeat, questions will be asked, lots of debates will be there, but in the back of my mind, what stands out is the way we played against England. This is just KARMA.

National Voters Day – Jan 25

When I read the paper today morning, it said at 2pm today, the District Collector would inaugurate the 60th National Voters Day event and thereby initiate the distribution of the Voters ID. Mom having applied 2 months ago, needed me to collect it for her.

So after a sumptuous lunch I took a lazy half hour break watching highlights of the 2nd half of last night’s Chelsea romp of Bolton.

Knowing how all inaugural functions in India start typically at +30 min Indian Stretchable Time [IST] I headed to the Boys HSS Kollam around 1430ish.  The numbers were just coming in and people were settling and as usual the eminent guests yet to arrive. As I lazed around adjusting my focal lengths on objects of interest, I came across a pamphlet with the program schedule and was excited to see that among the listed guests, was a Malayalam Actor Kundara Johnny! Probably most of you don’t recall him by name but this pic will say it all. Looking the very same, I was a tad excited of having seen him at arms distance for the first time. [Din’t carry my camera as the last thing I was expecting to do was capture shots of people from the Election Commission ;)]. Was kind of odd to see him drive up here in an 80’s model Ambassador  RESPECT

Eventually at 1530 when the final bell of the school rang, all the students ran out excited with the prospect of a holiday beckoning [Republic Day], and all of us who were eagerly waiting for proceedings to begin were not disappointed.

Some of the eminent guests were: Malayalam Actor Mukesh’s mom, District Collector, Olympian Suresh Babu and a student of the school who recently won the Gold Medal for the State Kalothsavam Kathakali.

One by One, each of them elaborated the beauty of democracy, the success of it in India, the power of the people and many more. It reminded me of the days while I was attending Social Science or Social Studies as it was called when I was in school.

This being a working day, as the time was passing by, almost 1500-2000 people had crowded up in the school and were waiting and waiting, desperately for the ID cards to be distributed.  What irked me more was when the Kathakali female started doing it on stage for like 20min!!

At around 1700hrs, we had reached the last speaker of the day, one Mr. Jayadevan, a professor of Political Science. His opening statement was, “I am a professor of Political Science, I am not bound by protocol or hierarchy of the government. I have the freedom of speech, and the right to dissent. I can do anything I want within the purviews of the law of the land…..” and he went on about how he has been an active participant of politics right from his college days, when all of a sudden, someone vented out his frustration by walking up on stage and asking him to cut the show short and distribute the cards immediately. Such was the worrying nature in which the mob was reacting that this man who was just talking about the laws of the land etc ended up saying “ Ok I am stopping!” and he left the podium to the most rousing ovation I’d heard all evening 😉

Immediately the Electoral Commission members decided, it is in the best interest to wind up the program and distribute the cards. And that is exactly what they did, and after all the waiting for close to 3 hours, almost everyone left frustrated with some people still not having got the IDs. J

I did feel privileged to be attending the “Eshwara Prarthana” and the National Anthem in the end. In fact I don’t remember the last time I stood in a crowd and sang it.

Olympian Suresh Babu pointed one very significant thing and that was the decision of the Kerala Government to initiate Physical Education as a compulsory subject in the curriculum of schools and I personally agree with him. Think it will do a lot of good to the all round development of students and at the same time help both students and parents understand, appreciate talent and maybe even pursue a career.

  • As always at a public event, lack of organization was written all over, with people turning up not being given the right guidance on the where and the what to do.

If you are an Indian, Non Resident or Resident, 18 years or more, please do apply for the voters ID, be a responsible citizen, and vote on the merit of your good judgement and not others.Put words into action and be Proud. Jai Hind