We all at some point of time get angry. Some of us being short tempered know exactly how much our muscles twitch when things don’t go our way or don’t happen to our liking. Being one amongst those, it was no surprise I wanted to watch Sameer’s Kali.


Though the portrayal happens to be in a movie, it doesn’t in any stretch of imagination appear too dramatic. Personally having gone through stages when I had absolutely no control over it, over the years, I have tempered it down. But that doesn’t mean it disappears; that innate nature to outlet, is immensely relaxing. Though the series of events that ensue in a fit of rage are completely beyond comprehension.


Some of our personalities are driven by that component. And erasure might make us not being us at all. So it’s a bargain, a double edged sword. It’s fun to live and to die by it.


I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sai Pallavi acting beautifully with DQ as always playing the aggressor prototype. Though I would have longed some more heart ringing tones in the movie, I didn’t leave the hall disappointed, probably because I could relate myself to it.
Movies that do not exactly portray positive things never really ever come off ‘awesome’ reviews. They are much milder and cater to a smaller audience. And I guess that’s what’s happened with this movie. But then am sure lots thronged the theatres just cause Malar was in the lead!