I will not go at length to discuss this movie to be honest since I am pretty disappointed walking out of the hall. After having watched Life of Pi in 3D, and following a mini break, this was definitely not the movie to reignite the movie goer. Chapters broadly divides the movie into 4 chapters each interconnected to one another in one way or the other. The Chapter 1 script and the acting was so poor that it kills the movie before it even gets going.

The subsequent chapters with more experienced actors tried to undo the harm done. The message the director attempts to convey is , let’s just put it this way, poorly come across to the audience. Actors like Gauthami who had a fair run in her first two movies is seen handling a role in which she has hardly any substance to deliver. The fact that 2 days after it’s release, half of the Oberon Mall Screen was empty says it all.

My Rating  1.5 out of 5