Dr. Laurent Macron opens the window to Cardiac imaging

It was the weekend, and yet it was worth the trip to Marina Hotel. It’s only been a couple of days since the lusty cold breeze has brought the temperatures to sub 40. Night time even reaching mid teens. That meant the weather was perfect for a weekend stroll along Marina Crescent.

Cardiac CT and MRI review

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Grabbing a Costa Frappucino, I inhaled the fresh coastal air and strolled to the conference hall. Mr. Salah, a former colleague and senior imaging technologist from our department set the ball rolling with an extensive elaboration fo the technicalities of cardiac CT imaging.

Dr. Laurent Macron from Paris

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Following which Dr. L. Macron from France took over the stage with his MacBook using Osirix to display numerous scenarios of the role of cardiac CT and MR imaging. His succinct approach adorned by the beautiful French accent meant the afternoon neither got monotous. Of course the dynamicity of cardiac MRI study meant the powerpoint remained captivating all throughout.

A good lunch to wind up a productive weekend.

Post conference peace

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