Kollam – What, Who, Where!

Done with my first exam for 2011 and rearing to balance some fun with work throughout the forthcoming week. Was all pumped up and excited to watch the FA clash only to be disappointed – No live stream on tv!

So here I am instead! Been running in my head since a week and was thinking of blogging about Kollam, the southern most district of the state of Kerala.. or the second most ..after the capital city of Trivandrum. My parents hail from here and I think I should do little more justice  and maybe share a few words on some of the culture, hangouts and ‘happening places’ if any exist here 😉

So watch out this space for some updates soon!

Resolution of the week: Watch one movie per day!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder

I have always had this fond love of nature.  If we just take a moment to pause, observe and take it all in, there is this amazing amount of positive energy surrounding us which can lift our spirits, no matter how low (Even a walk outside taking in some fresh air does the trick).



Photography is a window, a portal by which one can capture such wonderful moments and at the same time develop, process and ultimately deliver something which can actually make you appreciate the beauty around us. Even though I got my first personal camera only 5 years ago, I never really used to think too deep while clicking a picture. It was essentially used only for capturing social life and collecting loads of wonderful memories and stacking them up.


However, my perception changed recently (having ample amount of time in my hands), I decided to explore a little bit more, to go one step ahead in understanding Photography.

My biggest inspiration in photography is my cousin Niran Vinod and the innumerable wonderful photos he has captured and processed to create the Final Product. (Jump to his blog and you will see what I am talking about)

So I decided to experiment a bit with the help of my 5 year old Digital Camera Canon Power Shot A520, and two Adobe Softwares (i.e., Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Lightroom),  which are so important for bringing the best out of your pictures and also to let your creativity take its own turn.

With some help from Lynda.com , I slowly started getting grips on the basics of photography and jus about enough knowledge to use these softwares.  Then I started letting my imagination do the work and to be frank, I have never been this excited about anything as I am of photography right now. 😉

I plan to get myself a semi professional D-SLR in the near future to absorb it all! So next time you take your camera out to capture a snap, just think about what I said. 🙂