Living the Pixel life the XL way

It’s becoming two weeks since I got my hands on Google Pixel. Firstly it is a huge relief to be back in Android from iOS. Though as far as form factor is concerned I would still prefer using my sub 5 inch screens for single hand typing.

The back fingerprint sensor is a bit of a pain when you leave it on a desk and want to turn the device on, especially if you have activated the fingerprint security.

The battery is outstanding, easily runs the entire day till you hit the bed with regular use. Of course I am not playing games on the device. There is quick charging in flight mode though it still doesn’t offer this ‘7 hours’ in 15 minutes.  (maybe in standby)

The camera is absolutely stunning. I have been clicking around quite a bit knowing that it’s free to back it up online in Google Photos. That’s the biggest luxury of this device.

It’s lightning fast. Absolutely no glitches. With close to 100 apps on the device, I am hitting around 13GB usage out of an available 29GB in this 32GB version. Even when the RAM is over 3.7GB used in the available 4GB, you absolutely won’t know it, until you go and check the RAM.

Some of these no filter shots might help you understand how good the camera is.

First capture with #google #pixelXL . #nofilterneeded

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#lowlights #google #pixelXL

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#lensblur #google #pixelXL

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Around a half second delay to focus but click to capture time gap is almost nil. #google #pixelXL #focus

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Construction site #salmiya #kuwait #arabiangulfroad

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Liberation Tower #google #pixelXL

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Low light photography with Google pixel XL.hell yea this is an awesome camera..

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Many of the shots were taken in burst while driving a car at over 80km/h and there is absolutely no flinch in focus.



Google Pixel XL – 32GB – Quite Black – Unboxing

I had to anxiously wait for over a month after the release for it to appear in the Middle East. As soon as it popped up on the online market, I ordered it from It took them 3 days to get it to this country but thanks to the hopeless service of Postaplus I had to personally go and pick it up from their office in Dajeej.

But it was obviously worth getting it in my hands. I will let the pics do the talking in the unboxing. This is not a feature review nor to discuss the pros and cons. Purchase of the phone has an emotional sentiment attached to it. The earnest Google fan boy that I am clubbed with the fact that this device finds it’s hardware origin from HTC – my first smartphone (Legend A6363) and one of the first players of the smartphone game.

When online reviewers mock the plain bezel at the bottom of the pixel XL, it reminds me of the angled chin I had in my Legend 8 years ago.  2 years I have been using the iphone 6 which continues to run without a single glitch. But it’s time to return to home base :D.


Ordered from (my iphone 6 in the background)



12 month warranty



The new USB cable



Two new USB cables with an ‘I can transfer my iphone data to android’ adapter 😉



A complimentary Nutrient Valley crunchy?? Seriously wth!



Yea, step 1. Move your stuff from iPhone


Pretty simple and to the point. Welcome home Google Assistant.


Free Google Music trial for 3 months?


Yea, the glass coating is a fingerprint magnet. The fingerprint sensor isn’t. #Irony


Never has the 3.5mm got so popular in the 21st century.


Boo hoo.. no stereo speaker 😀


Enter a caption


Just to show the XL size compared to my iphone 6



Nougat!! Hit it up.


Dr. Laurent Macron opens the window to Cardiac imaging

It was the weekend, and yet it was worth the trip to Marina Hotel. It’s only been a couple of days since the lusty cold breeze has brought the temperatures to sub 40. Night time even reaching mid teens. That meant the weather was perfect for a weekend stroll along Marina Crescent.

Cardiac CT and MRI review

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Grabbing a Costa Frappucino, I inhaled the fresh coastal air and strolled to the conference hall. Mr. Salah, a former colleague and senior imaging technologist from our department set the ball rolling with an extensive elaboration fo the technicalities of cardiac CT imaging.

Dr. Laurent Macron from Paris

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Following which Dr. L. Macron from France took over the stage with his MacBook using Osirix to display numerous scenarios of the role of cardiac CT and MR imaging. His succinct approach adorned by the beautiful French accent meant the afternoon neither got monotous. Of course the dynamicity of cardiac MRI study meant the powerpoint remained captivating all throughout.

A good lunch to wind up a productive weekend.

Post conference peace

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Offbeat at ‘Stranger’ville

I met a sales manager for the first time the other day and we had a conversation that reset my clock again.

To quote some anecdotes he shared with me.

If you walk up to your car and find a flat tyre, be thankful, maybe if you drove off, you could have had an accident had it flattened on the go.

When one door closes, another opens.

I recall my friend and colleague Mathew telling me as he strolled me on a wheelchair when I had a locked knee: “Remember, it could have been worse”.

When you feel the whole world is turning against you, remember, it is only half of the turn, the other brighter half is just around the corner, happy November!

The ‘Up’bringing

At work on a regular day.

Scene 1 – The Educated

*gentle double knock on my office door*

Me: (shouts out) COME IN.
Patient: Good morning Doctor, sorry to disturb you, may I come in?

Me: Good morning, please come in. How may I help you today?
Patient: Sir, I just did my CT scan half an hour back. Am traveling today evening, if you could please fast track my report today itself, I would be really grateful!

*I review what his study is*

Me: All right, why don’t you come back in an hour and collect it?
Patient: That would be wonderful, thank you so much doctor. May God bless you.

*gently tiptoes out of my room and closes the door.   


Scene 2 – The Ignorant

*shuffling noises in the corridor and the door slams open*

Appearance wise looks like a teenager; dressed to go to the beach in a T-shirt, shorts and slippers

Patient: I want a scan to be done today?
Me: Who are you? Who sent you here?

Patient: I was told you decide if a scan can be done.
Me: No.

Patient: Then who is responsible?
Me: Second room at the end of the corridor.

Patient: And who is that?
Me: Head of the Department.

*slams door and shuffles out

noun upbringing plural noun upbringings
  1. the treatment and instruction received by a child from its parents throughout its childhood.
    Synonyms: childhood, early life, formative years, teaching, education, instruction, tutelage, care, rearing, raising, breeding

It is easier to build up a child than is to fix an adult. Children are great imitators, so give them something really good to work on!

The ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance

aid774512-728px-get-someone-to-stop-ignoring-you-step-1-version-2She sat behind her desk cross legged fully clad in a niqab. Her well done eyes staring at her pink attired iphone 6 plus.  
He walked into her office and greeted her. She continued to dwiddle her well manicured fingers as she vehemently texted on whatsapp. Her response was delayed, what looked like eons before she decided to acknowledge the presence of another human being in the room.

You are being watched, whether you are willing to accept it or not.

It was gone and forgotten, but it came back again into my mind when I saw a trailer of the movie a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had to watch Snowden.

I reviewed a couple of documentaries in youtube before heading out to watch the movie last noon.

A few years back I got into a an argument with a couple of friends who were totally against sharing each and every minute of their lives on social media. They felt people pretended on social media, highlighting only the good times, making other people jealous, projecting only a particular facet of their lives.

Others felt when you are too busy having fun, there is no time to waste spending on gadgets. But it is important to understand technology has taken massive strides in the 21st century. Connectivity has erased distance in this huge world. Using any form of communication devices means you are being tracked. The extent to which is what Snowden revealed three years ago.  

The movie takes a lot of heart in it, based on the real life of a young vibrant individual who took a moral stand, one that would disrupt his entire life. For someone so young to even do something as bold as that, against the most powerful system in the world is crazy. But it exposed the harsh realities of the world we live in.

We as health workers are freaked out if we don’t take at least a consent, and in many cases informed consent. It is cause every human being on this earth has a basic right, which no one should be allowed to violate. Violation of such privacy for political reasons is simply unacceptable. A must watch movie.

The movie reminded me of this quote.

To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals – this alone is worth the struggle. – William Osler.

Never lose your identity. Live up to your ideals and do not move with the flow.