Youtube Travelogue debut

Yes, it is not gonna be that fancy, but whilst on vacation and rummaging through my hard disks, I realized I have quite a bit of content captured over a period of time that deserves to be sorted up and put in the public domain. While I do have time right now, it is probably wise to finish off the back log and henceforth  do post processing of audiovisuals immediately after a trip.

I am beginning with this year and rolling back and as a start am getting all the videos put up in Youtube, whilst the photographs need to go up most likely in Flickr and Facebook Page.

Soon I will put up blog entries of trips to different places that I make.

6 years into blogging, I have not been able to do justice to my write ups thanks to immersing myself in sharpening my skills to provide optimal patient care. #Excited   


The Kuwait Towers

IMG_4049-1Weekends have become much more eventful now that a former colleague and friend Dr. Sid has joined me in Kuwait. Last night I took him to the Kuwait Towers. Was good to be inside it again. Last time I was in there was 6 years ago.


Reflection off the elevator that was going to take us up the Towers

The towers opened only this National day in Feb 2016 after all the renovation. The new work means we now get plenty of graphics on the towers varying according to the occasion.

I was predicting a French flag last night following the Nice incident. But it didn’t happen.


Wound up going to good old Pizza hut near the Salmiya coop. From a rumbling center to one that has become so quiet, how times have changed with the newer generations clammering up to shopping ‘malls’ nowadays.


Maldives.. the honeymoon.



Rainbow captured as we were mid air flying back from Male

Months before the day of tying the knot I have been told by compatriots, colleagues and friends to find a place for the honeymoon getaway. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted. Whether to trod through sightseeing, or sit back and enjoy a romantic couple time. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Mauritius, Maldives, Europe were up there amongst the top most honeymoon destinations Indian couples pursued. Eventually it boiled down to going for the romantic getaway away from the buzz and the crowd.. quiet, private and in nature’s arms. This trip, the planning etc would not have worked out had it not been for my good friend Jobin who took pains to ensure I got the best of what was available.

The buildup to the wedding was nervy. But on the day things went on smoothly. We managed to creep well within all time limits set out for us; the remainder of the week swept by with us again running around with deadlines to meet relatives. A quick visit to Guruvayurappan the morning before our flight capped off our endless travel.+



first time on a Bombardier aircraft

It was an awkward time to pick up an international flight. Almost all international flights depart early morning. So the international terminal was sparsely populated. We were offered to upgrade our seats to the first row behind the pilot. The Spice jet staff was prompt to emphasize that Bombardier flights are noisy pretty much everywhere else. I have never been on a Bombardier before, so I accepted the offer. No creepy questions from the immigration officer.


hot smiles and not so warm meals


aerial shots of Atolls of Maldives


The bombardier was a 50 seater like a Volvo bus we travel in, only difference is you can’t stand straight in this one. We were offered prepaid sandwiches (by hot smiles and not too warm meals).  Before I closed my eyes, the pilot announced we were about to land. The strenuous long drives on Kerala roads made this one and a half hour journey to a neighbouring country seem simply too simple. We had a person waiting with my name on a placard. He greeted us with a welcome smile and soon we were waiting to pick our speed boat to the Paradise Island Resort.



welcome drink


The rain gods had heard our prayers and made sure there was no hindrance to the wedding. They were even kind enough extend the offer whilst we were at Maldives. The scorching sun bathed the island. We walked into the speed boat and took a 20 min drive to our island. As we were within 500m of the shore, the water markedly changed color from the deep blue sea into a gentle turquoise blue charading the white sand sea shore.



We were given welcome drinks and face towels as they explained to us the ‘what lies where’ of the island and took us to our water villa. Three days, four nights  – and not a single day went without a smiling face greeting us. The pleasant nature of the staff made our stay comfy.


lucky to have had a full moon during our stay there.



shark feeding time


to tingle the nerves..




Surrounded by water all around, with sea life, varying tides and exotic food three times a day, we were pampered to the core. Away from the crowded busy life of ours riddled with deadlines, this seemed the perfect getaway.


As I sit here editing the photographs and writing this up, it brings a smile to my face and makes me want to relive the moments yet again.