Been a while..

Transitions are part of life. After all, that is what makes living exciting and challenging. For the first time, we are coming to terms with being a working couple who has to take care of kids. Time has been hard to come by. Juggling hours of work with hours at home with the kids. Sleepless nights due to the sleep regression of an infant. The crazy times that come along with having a toddler at home. It’s been quite some ride already and we are definitely feeling the pinch.

Nevertheless, returning to the loving hug and kiss of these little munchkins is fulfilling a dimension I have never experienced before. To have a part of me grow each day into a diverse entity is quite enthralling. I try not to be dogmatic. Life is all about the moment, having satiety and peace, and enjoying life as it should be. A rigid schedule at home is theoretically possible but I refrain from it. Probably cause I enjoy some creative liberty, I prefer my kids also to have the opportunity to express their strengths.

My 3.5-year-old is much wiser than I expect a child of her age to be (cliché from parents I suppose, nevertheless). The understanding loving nature, the maturity, and on top of it the fleeting interests (something she got from me) let me adorn my dad’s shoes, probably going through similar emotions as he watched me grow up.

No matter what cards we are dealt, one thing I am pretty particular about is, that we as a family should remain together. The bonding that forms being a close-knit fam is something that will keep us happy, healthy, and thriving.

Time to head for work. Until next time…


Bye Apple

My departure from Apple devices this time around might be a permanent one. One of the reasons I never associated myself with it was purely because it was just too expensive. Over the years, extrinsic circumstances made me a part of the Apple family. As late as last month, I made the big decision to part ways with Apple. It started with my Apple Series 4 watch upgrade to watch series 7 which turned out to be a big disappointment. The lack of Apple’s desire to provide many of its services (Apple pay, Fitness +) prompted me to leave this ecosystem. Remnants now are just the M1 Macbook Pro, air pods and some old gen Ipads/Ipods.

I made the jump to an M1 book purely because I was using an iPhone and was missing out on the integration and seamless communication with my DELL XPS 13. Dell XPS 13 still is a beast of a machine with great battery life and top-notch PC performance.

I am considering selling my M1 if I get a good deal. I sold my wife’s S20+ and my iPhone 12 mini to get a used Note 20 Ultra 5G. The purpose of getting this phone is one, it gets me back to android, two it allows me to enjoy the awesome camera capabilities and the lovely display screen. The S pen is an added bonus to typing on a big screen. I am very satisfied with over two weeks of use of this device. It definitely is bulky and protrudes through most of my pockets, yet am comfortable not having a smartwatch constantly beckoning me to open my phone.

My new Garmin Forerunner 55 aqua colour is a standout and is purely utilitarian for my fitness needs. Departure from ‘rings of fitness’ on iPhone has also allowed me to drop 4 kilos in the holy month of Ramadan, something I did not achieve tracking my fitness in Apple. Garmin of course plays a key role in enabling me to make me find my feet when it comes to calorie intake and burns.

Ramadan Kareem

The Holy month of Ramadan begins tonight. I wish everyone a peaceful and rejuvenating month as we switch into the summer this year. Plenty of goals for me this month as I try to regulate the body and mind to achieve targets.

Disappointed with my Apple Watch

Sorely disappointed with my new Apple Watch (WiFi) only version. Compared to my cellular Series 4, this latest one is doing an awful job in finding a satellite, even if I carry my iPhone along. This month, I have been doing some good daily 2k runs and with even the mildest of cloud cover, the GPS is going for a witch-hunt. 

I am going to likely get the Garmin forerunner 55. The new one comes with many perks available in the higher 245 model and suits my needs. Contemplating strapping two watches is what is keeping me from getting it, but it is likely to happen with fresh focused fitness goals for the holy month of Ramadan.