Ronaldo woes

As a Manchester United fan, I must admit I’m not really happy with the way this Cristiano Ronaldo thing is being prolonged. He has achieved a lot in his career. Most of it is due to his commitment to achieving personal milestones. We cannot blame anyone for his desire to leave, to play for a Champions League team. At the end of the day, we all know that he’s at the end of his career and he wants to end it on a high.

The preseason of Manchester United has been very impressive. The new manager has been able to put a signature on the way he wants the team to play. He also has the advantage of a World Cup that is coming mid-season. This will encourage the players to actually put in a lot of effort. They all want to play for their countries. While we have definitely made great strides in offloading some key players. There is still a lot of room for improvement. If Ronaldo wants to leave, let it be. I would not be disappointed. I’m just glad that he did decide to come back and give us another wonderful season. I managed to watch the highlights of the 45 minutes Ronaldo played under the new manager. He was very impressive in linkup play.

There is no doubt that if Ronaldo stays that he would be fully committed to the cause. But it is highly doubtful that he will be sitting on the bench without muttering something. I would still put my money on him leaving before the window closes. But if he is around, fantastic.

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