The phenomenon that is CR7

What else to describe this scintillating performance from the one and only? He has been left frustrated for much of 2022, but it’s been a pleasure to actually be able to watch live the hat trick he scored against a Spurs side that had just put 5 past Everton couple of days ago.

A long range effort, a tap in and a header. Attributes that have got him to where he is now, the one and only best player in the world. I used to follow him in spells even after leaving United, just like billions of his followers. Too bad too many of the youngsters at United are so stuck up and lack any understanding of what an honor it is to even share the dressing room with him.

The stark difference in quality of Sancho over Rashford is striking to say the least. The composure and the quality to provide in a plate for Ronaldo. Fred with another brilliant performance. It is not a coincidence that the absence of Bruno and Scott was massive to this win.

We are stuck with what we have. So enjoy the win as we go into the return leg of Champions League

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