Why watching Manchester United is frustrating

Quite something has been spoken about Ole’s demeanour on the sidelines during the Carabao Cup defeat to West Ham. Understandable people want him to fall into certain cliches when it comes to managing a United team. This is primarily grown out of the assumption that Ole plays Sir Alex football. On the contrary, he has his own identity in managing a team.

With the breakthrough performance of a series of wins after Jose Mourinho left, his role as a caretaker was pumped with the effervescence of fresh breath and the belief that he will bring back the attacking style of football of yester and the never say never mentality of Sir Alex.

Three years down the line, with significant glitters in the team lineup, his identity is to concede less and score less. No matter where things went wrong, it is pretty evident there will be an exodus of players quite possibly as early as in January. World Cup is around the corner, and players will want playtime to play for their country. Many of the players that Ole does not consider first-team enough are/were national players before he started going to ‘pragmatism’ mode.

The defeat in a Cup that we had a shot at is primarily because these players who were put out to play in this game had no interest in performing for the team or being consistent Carabao cup players. It was evident with the way Martial put himself around. Imagine being surrounded by Sancho, Mata and Lingard in the attack. Mata with no legs, Lingard with his own personal agenda and Sancho, who is yet to find his own feet. Playing at home did not help these players. They ended up dancing to the tunes of the 73k that turned up while Ole just stood and watched them denigrate.

If this drab safe football is not going to get us trophies at the very least, #OleOut, please.

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