One Cup out of the way

Hats off to Ole for changing the entire team up for the Carabao Cup. By not giving any of these players opportunities in the first team in the Premier League or the Champions League, it is unsurprising they looked uncomfortable together.

Having conceded the goal early, the fightback was evident but toothless upfront. Sancho is yet to get into a rhythm playing for United. That is indeed kind of odd. Unlike him, Donny settled way faster for the number of minutes he has had on the pitch. Lingard worked his socks off but did not create enough quality passes around the box. Mata is done. He does not have the legs to play for United. Wonder what he is still doing at United.

Matic and Van de Beek are a good partnership in the middle of the park, which we need to consider. Telles, of course, was rusty returning after a long break. After hiccups initially, he settled well. Dalot is what Ronaldo needs – a right-back that can cross the ball! Now that is quite a wonder which Wan Bissaka somehow can’t comprehend. Lindelof was okay at centreback. Very conservative in his play.

Greenwood tried to spark something off the bench. Elanga was brought into an ineffective position, and Bruno just had too much to do. West Ham deserves the plaudits. Organized, with a clear playing style and greater composure on the ball. Having good individuals need not make a good team. United is yet to show itself to the world as a team. When they do, they will edge close to silverware. Soon, everyone will realize, #OleOut will be the solution.

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