Absolute stinker from Ole and Manchester United

Ole got exposed big time in the first game of the Champions League. Michael Carrick has been a wonderful player for United, but he is another awful component of a failing coaching team. They got the team sheet right. But the pragmatism for an away game was obvious. The desire and energy was missing.

Fred despite perennially being awful this season, got to start today. Donny was fantastic in the first half. Some TV pundits went on to say Aaron wan Bissaka is the best right back in the premier league. Jokes! Subbing Sancho to bring on a right back was the right decision but every decision on how to play the second half is purely down to a stupid manager who has not a clue on how to switch to plan B.

Ole rarely ever tinkers his first line until late into the second half. Most of the changes off the bench are not meant to make any impact in the game. They come on with no specific purpose. Some of the most absurd substitutions happened in this game today, again confirming the incompetence of the man at the helm. As a United fan, we just will have to suffer another season with this looney in charge. My only hope is CR7 seriously getting pissed and asking management to chuck him out and get a new manager.

All the players on the fag end of their contract are highly unlikely to sign another with this looney in charge. Get him #OleOut!

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