Ronaldo back in Manchester?

Don’t know what is the beef of Ronaldo with Juventus at the moment, but it seems he is about to sign for Manchester City. After a season wrecked by pandemic, a fanless training type football games, we finally have a proper pre season but this transfer window has been the weirdest.

Two of the greatest footballers of the modern era making some absurd moves and quite frankly, seems like both are unable to slowly taper out of being the best. Age is catching up, but such is their lifestyle that sustaining that is more important rather than ethos.

One thing I have realized watching football all these years is to never bat an eyelid when a player makes a ‘controversial’ move from one club to another. Many players towards the fag end of their careers do this, especially those on huge wages. Ronaldo and Messi need not be seen in a different light.

Passionate football players who roll with emotions of fans are a handful and precious. These legends have proven that money beats allegiance any day.

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