Sunset timelapse

I’ve been owning DSLRs for over 7 years, but I never really did a time-lapse. It was mainly due to time constraints in this profession of mine.

Last couple of days in coastal Kuwait, it has been quite humid and as a result I had a misty sunset to savor yesterday evening. Thankfully, my daughter was also enjoying her late evening nap and I did get a window to mount my Nikon D7200 on a tripod. I capture multiple shutter speed shots of the broody sun before setting up interval shoot for half an hour, one capture every 15 sec, using f13, ISO 100 and 1/400 sec shutter speed. After the capture, I converted the RAW files into JPEG using Adobe Lightroom and then put them up in a folder.

Once inside Adobe Premiere pro, I imported the media clicking on the first image and keeping Image sequence ticked. Voila! I had my video ready instantaneously in my project folder.

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