Ole in crew is at it again

United fans have to put aside this love for the man who has played and helped in getting glory. A former player Frank Lampard, achieved far more than Ole did for this club. And yet, decisions were taken not on the merit of the pedigree of the individual but on performance at hand.

Men who are strong enough to take decisions, get success. Others do not. There is no point in being denial about the fact that Ole just is not good enough for United to get to silverware. There is no reason to even wait for another game to see that his tactics is what is stifling this team.

He is absolutely clueless on how to take a game by the scruff of its neck and win it. He has no presence of mind and never acknowledges the mistakes he makes day in and day out. There will be no tolerance from this fan base for his crappy tactics. If he does not perform, he will be told by the fans. He has no margin for error this season. Good luck to all you Ole in boys.

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