Manchester United 5 – 1 Leeds United

I saw the starting lineup, and I was pissed! The same drab lineup of last year. Martial on the bench and Greenwood as a striker. Dan James on the right!

As I watched the first few moments, I realized only the season has changed, but some players are still the same. Dan James has no ability on the ball, is not clinical enough when in the box and does not have the physical build to cope.

The best example was him staying offside so early in the game! Greenwood is headless quite often with the ball, is unable to pick a pass most of the time, and clearly, these two are not worthy of being in the frontline of a title-winning team.

A Lingard, Rashford and a Martial would be the ideal replacements for these three.
Pogba and Bruno were clinical and world-class today. The desire shown by Pogba in the first ten minutes to set the momentum marauding the flank was unbelievable, to be honest.

Compare that to Martial coming in at 5-1 and jogging around. I feel Martial should just be given the first 50 odd minutes and subbed. Greenwood would be a top super sub. And the rest of the time, Cavani will do the job.
Sancho had a mellowed introduction – understandable.

Such has been Pogba and Bruno’s performance that the entire team’s work does not get the charm or glitter of it all. The team was fantastic. More than the scoreline, it is the performance that got me jumping and fist pumping yet again.

Contrast this to what Arsenal did yesterday (*giggles).

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