The dark horse

England has a very talented squad. But what they do have this time around is luck as well. They happen to be on the good side of the draw. With the group of death dead, there are only two contenders for the title. Insatiable form shown by Italy. A style of play quite contrary to the ethos of the team. But todays 4-0 drubbing of Ukraine by England is a sound reminder that only the best is going to win the title.

Sterling true to his name has been anything but sensational. He has single handedly carved open England’s way to the last four. With Harry Kane joining the party in the important leg of the tournament and the first team to keep 5 clean sheets in this tournament in like forever, this defense needs quite something to be breached. Spain is the only other big name in the last four. The Danes are playing with a passion that has been shown by many others including the Swiss and Ukraine. An enticing semi ahead. Italy seems to have an easier road to the final. England will be pushed by the Danes for sure. They have nothing to lose. An enthralling last few games of the tournament to look forward to.

Well done Gareth!

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