Day 2 of Euro 2020. I watched much of Wales Switzerland. Had a few commitments after that, so decided to skip the Denmark Finland game. I was on a video call at home when my twitter feed started mentioning Eriksen. I turned on the tv to find the match suspended and Bein Sports studio in shock, and worried. I saw footage on twitter where in Eriksen collapsed likely due to an acute shortage of circulation.

This is not the first instance such things have happened in sports. The response though was the best possible. Play was stopped instantaneously, medics were called over, players themselves took up the responsiblity to initiate revival. The statue of who Eriksen the player is, made it even more disheartening. After over a year and half of literally no fans allowed in to watch games, when a reasonably occupied stadium was watching a game, this was the least expected thing for one to see.

Words cannot do justice to how important timely intervention is in these instances. The footballing world worked as one to save a life there. These sort of unifying moments, when a sport brings humanity together is why we call this the beautiful. It was a tumultuous couple of hours for me as I waited in baited breath to hear good news.

I really hope this is just a one off event, rectifiable and he can return to doing what he loves.

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