PSG, Barry Brodd and Vishu

Bayern did put out the best they could possibly give, given the squad they had at their disposal. By virtue of PSG not taking the chances to kill the tie, a part of me felt Neymar might have a heartbreak at the end of the game. Somehow, PSG managed to get through.

The defense witness in the Derek Chauvin Trial on Day 12 was one of the most cold-blooded men we could see. His defense of the actions of the defendant was a true representation of him and his ilk. There was pretty much contempt and disdain in the mannerisms of the State Prosecutor towards the end of the cross.

A Happy Vishu to one and all. This year is unique in the sense that I am alone at home. I met my better half on a lovely Vishu morning for the first time 8 years ago in Calicut. In the midst of a pandemic, and one of a kind isolative times, it was imperative my toddler and my wife had an opportunity to take a break. And I am glad that they will be spending time at my wife’s place amidst the love of family.

I am becoming physically sick and tired of driving in Kuwait. The endless evening curfew has stuffed all the road traffic to specific windows in the morning and afternoon. On Vishu, my only wish and prayer is for restoration of normalcy and that Corona cedes.

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