Overwhelming health system, Sanju Samson and Derek Chauvin Trial

The political class of India is a disgrace. Despite knowing the consequences of their actions, they willfully endorsed all things that contradict measures of safety during the pandemic. It is no surprise that all over the world, the second wave is turning out to be more fatal. The passive response from the healthcare system especially in Kerala despite a clear foresight of the events, is again a failure of the State and the sole responsibility of the Health Minister. For all the plaudits for the measures taken early before the first wave set in, by intentionally withholding information to the masses because of their priority to win elections, they have endangered human lives, of the very people who vote them into power.

People are so consumed in their material life that there is indeed no respect for health of self or others. Medical professionals now, all over the world, have gone beyond their threshold. It’s not only about frontline workers who manage victims of the virus. It is about the worsening health of all people as governments all over the world try to maneuver resources to fight this pandemic.

Over the last year, we have seen worsening of health of every person who is visiting hospitals and clinics just because life is so far from normalcy. But the consequences of these irresponsible actions will ripple into the fabric of every nation that refused to heed to health advice.

I was ecstatic for Sanju Samson yesterday. He played a fine knock to give his team every opportunity to fight. No mean feat to score a century on debut as captain. Leading by example, I hope this season will set the tone for consistency and a permanent place in the national side for him.

The Champions League return leg quarter finals begin today and hope to see some fascinating encounters. I have been studiously following the Derek Chauvin Trial and am impressed with the work of the State. Will be happy to see a just outcome for both parties as the trial culminates this Thursday.

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