2020 is winding down

Only a matter of weeks now before the year ends. We have been through so much and it seems to have happened quite some time back that it is kind of a weird place to be in right now.

As we look back, 2020 has been a year of bringing family together. Allowing us to spend time in our own small place in the world, allowing us to delve within.

I recently put out a tweet, on my reluctance to move onto parenthood. My daughter is turning 2 in a couple of weeks and it’s a learning curve, just like each day is a new day.

Being a doctor has its own perks. Development of the child is a journey we cherish both as parents as well as professionals. One of the biggest hesitancies for me was the fact that I capture so much on my phone and never really end up editing phone content to preserve. The reason I bought a GoPro last year was to capture moments with my daughter.

It is now becoming a year since I returned back to iPhone usage and now I just got my first MacBook Pro last week. Finally I can now churn out handheld 4K videos on iPhone, air drop it onto my MacBook and quick edit them on iMovie. It is indeed a breeze! With YouTube premium, I hope to consistently build a good collection of family videos to cherish.

A recent fascination has been running. I did a 10k last week at Al Shaheed Park. It felt amazing in this weather as winter seems to sweep in to the end of this year. I strained my back doing some core training today morning. So I will have to be off the gas for mostly the rest of this week limiting to low back strengthening exercises and probably push ups.

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