Time for Pogba to step down

The midweek European game scoreline was flattering. I missed much of the second half as I slept through it. But despite a long day at work, I managed to bear the pain of watching every minute of 94 plus against Arsenal yesterday.

Terrible team selection to begin with, more horrendous changes eventually and the dirty Manchester United clueless turned up on the pitch. Six games, 7 points. When the manager points out to the journalist that last season we took 10 games to get 3 wins, Ole is clearly defending the indefensible. He takes no responsibility for the shoddy teams he lines up and never intervenes early when it is obvious to everyone watching that he got it wrong. Me being a stubborn person myself, I totally understand what Ole is doing. But I can guarantee, it is not good for United. I hope Pogba is never starting a game ever for United and it is only VdB ahead of him.

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