The perturbing trend of social media

After a three month hiatus, we turned on our Netflix subscription. One of the popular searches is the series ‘The Social Dilemma’.

It dissects how growth of the internet and hardware tech resulted in networking the entire world and bringing people together in a way never before. As this new way of life grows, the deviant competitive nature at the expense of ethics and morality has resulted in pervasion and manipulation of the social fabric.

When I started off my journey on the internet using a dial up connection, logging on to msn messenger and using a hotmail account, the first way that hit us deviating from the world of Microsoft was Google. The invite only Gmail, the eventually inimitable Google search. Mid 2000s, the surge of Facebook as a networking tool for students and friends, eventually grew into a money minting monster.

The likes of online video platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion et al went from providing content to messengers of hoards of advertising.

Perversion of the news feed in timelines feeding what companies want us to see and not what we want to see is the norm. The addiction to intake content much of which is not in our control, thereby creating online maps of human persona is indeed definition of the age of the machines.

People heavily involved in creation, development and growth of much of these massive tech companies share their views in this Netflix documentary elucidating the standard deviation of rising businesses that sacrifice human behavior and values for this mad growth.

The counter argument has always been that people of yester always oppose the developments of tomorrow. The productivity or counter-productivity of this phenomenon can only be ascertained in a longitudinal study that probably spans the generations to come. Being in my mid 30s, I can fairly assume that in my lifetime, I will witness the ramifications of this culture of electronic devices being an extension of human life.

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